2022 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Results and Highlights

The Ocean Breeze Indoor Sports Complex hosted another thrilling edition of the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on Sunday February 6th. international and national athletes in Staten Island, New York for national records, world peak times and exciting races. Keep reading for all the highlights and results.

Full New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Results

The winners

  • 60 meters women: Mikiah Brisco, USA, 7.07
  • 60 meters men: Noah Lyles, USA, 6.56
  • Women’s 60m hurdles: Danielle Williams, JAM, 7.83
  • Men’s 60m hurdles: Grant Holloway, USA, 7.37
  • 200 meters men: Trayvon Bromell, USA, 20.64
  • 300 meters women: Gabby Thomas, USA, 36.21
  • 400 meters women: Jessica Beard, USA, 52.88
  • 400 meters men: Jereem Richards, TTO, 45.83
  • 800 meters women: Natoya Ghoul, JAM, 1:59.62
  • 800 meters men: Mariano Garcia, ESP, 1:45.12
  • 1500 meters women: Esther Guerrero, ESP, 4:11.87
  • Thousand men: Andrew Coscoran, IRL, 3:53.64
  • 3000 meters women: Gabriela Debues-Stafford, CAN, 8:33.92
  • 3000 meters men: Adel Mechaal, ESP, 7:30.82
  • Women’s long jump: Lorraine Ugen, UK, 6.71 meters
  • Men’s triple jump: Donald Scott, United States, 16.68 meters

    Most Significant Movement

    Two leaders were on the starting line for the women’s 3,000 meters, but only one was able to do her job. Mekides Abebe of Ethiopia passed a leader after 650 meters and Josette Norris of the United States and Gabriela DeBues-Stafford of Canada followed suit. The remaining pacer took them 1,200 yards before descending, leaving Abebe to keep up the pace herself.

    Abebe looked fluid and in control, performing 34- and 35-second spins like clockwork. She held on to the lead until 150 yards from the finish, when DeBues-Stafford stormed the back stretch to pass her and quickly open a gap. She beat the tape three seconds ahead of Abebe, with Norris finishing third. Every athlete behind them has achieved an indoor personal best.

    DeBues-Stafford’s time of 8:33.92 set a new Canadian national record and catapulted her to one of the fastest times run this season. Norris’ time of 8:37.91 extends her strong racing streak and makes her a serious contender for a spot on the US indoor world championship team.

    Biggest margin of victory

    While the women’s 3000m saw three riders battle for victory until the final lap, there was no doubt about the winner of the men’s 3000m. Spaniard Adel Mechall was chomping at the heels of leaders Robby Andrews and Jordan Mann until five laps from the finish when he took the lead and widened his already wide gap on the field.

    Eyes closed and teeth gritted, he crossed the finish line in 7:30.82 – a Spanish and European record – just as the rest of the riders reached the home stretch.

    Mechall didn’t expect to run that fast, he said at the post-race press conference, but credited the pacemakers for maintaining a consistently fast pace.

    Nine of the 10 competitors achieved personal bests, and two other national records fell. Luis Grijalva bettered his national Guatemalan record at the Millrose Games to 7:37.42, and Jonas Raess snuck under the 7:40 barrier to beat the Swiss record in 7:39.49.

    Most Entertaining Last Half

    Although no records or lead times were set in the women’s 1500m, fans were treated to a dogfight. Spain’s Esther Guerrero won the race, and Americans Heather MacLean, Nikki Hiltz and Dani Jones, second, third and fourth, all trailed her for the final third of the race.

    Places shifted back and forth – MacLean losing the lead around 1200 yards, Jones dropping to third then back to fourth in the final 300 yards, and Hiltz dropping to fifth then climbing back to third in the final 150 yards .

    Esther Guerrero of Spain wins the women’s 1500m. Nikki Hiltz, away in light blue, sports a jersey with the words ‘Protect Trans Kids’ in the upper left corner to support trans youth in sport.

    Kevin Morris for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

    Most Exciting Finish

    After a breakthrough performance in the Wanamaker Mile last weekend, American Colby Alexander said he would go at any pace. So when the leader completed the quarter mile in 56 seconds, only one competitor followed. You guessed it… Alexander.

    The rabbit descended after 1000 meters, leaving Alexander in no man’s land as a group of talents sat three seconds back, hoping he would come back to them.

    Alexander looked out of reach until the final 200 yards. A pair of Irishmen, Andrew Coscoran and Luke McCann, started swallowing yards as they approached the final 100 yards. Alexander gritted his teeth, but he had tried too hard in the first half of the races and slowed to a second-place finish. finish as Coscoran passed in the final stages, winning his personal best 3:53.64.

    “We decided to let him go because the pace was so fast,” Coscoran told NBC during the live stream. “Obviously it paid off for me to hold back a bit and chase him down.”

    Most Impressive Record

    Mariano Garcia beat Millrose Games 800m champion Bryce Hoppel in thrilling fashion. As he did last week, Hoppel followed the pacer closely, earning the lead position halfway through. It looked like the race was his, until he started to waver on the final lap.

    Garcia clocked his fastest time of the race, putting a full second on Hoppel in the final 200 meters. His winning time of 1:45.12 set a new Spanish national record and also marked a new world leading time.

    Most Dominant Performance

    Last weekend at the Millrose Games, Natoya Goule had to settle for second place behind Ajee’ Wilson. This weekend, she was bulletproof.

    Ghoul kept pace with the gun, eventually taking over after 400. She kept the gas to top the field with a world time of 1:59.62.

    “I’m really happy about it because I trained hard this week,” Goule said on the NBC show. “And to come here and run 1:59, I’m very grateful.”

    American Olivia Baker finished second with an indoor personal best of 2:00.33, which is number two in the world this year.

    ghoul earn 800

    Kevin Morris for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

    The most impressive world leader

    With Millrose champion Aleia Hobbs due to COVID-19, it meant Mikiah Brisco had her chance to shine – and she rose to the occasion. She easily beat a field of Olympic and World Championship finalists to run a world record 7.07.

    The biggest difference between last week and this week, Brisco told NBC, was learning patience. “The race isn’t over until we reach the finish line,” she said.

    Race with the biggest implications

    Noah Lyles was the best in the world over 200 meters until he settled for bronze in last year’s Olympic final. This year, he has worked on his departure, and it shows.

    Lyles and his trainer know his top speed was there, he told NBC, but what costs him is the first 20 yards. Compared to the Millrose Games, his top 20 were six hundredths faster on Sunday, which was just the improvement he needed to achieve a personal best 6.56.

    What does this mean for his opponents the rest of the year? “When I’m shoulder width apart from the person in front, it’s dangerous,” he told NBC.

    Race to live up to the hype

    When the world record holder of an event takes to the track, you pay attention.

    Grant Holloway lined up at Ocean Breeze to compete in his first 60m hurdles race since setting the world record last year. And while fans weren’t greeted with another national record that day, they were able to see a world record time of 7.37.

    Like Lyles, Holloway missed Olympic gold last year and left Tokyo disappointed. He told NBC he was working on consistency in 2022.

    “Later I just have to make sure I show up at the majors,” he said.

    Holloway wins the 60 meter hurdles

    Kevin Morris for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

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