A 16-year-old makes a model Formula 1 car out of cardboard

The cardboard model of the F1 car was made on my own by my nephew for his school project.

Thanks to Soujay Shah for sending this information. Sincere gratitude for sharing them with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP sharing page!

I would like to share a bit about my nephew Aashman Shah’s school project in which he single-handedly made a model Formula 1 car entirely from cardboard boxes, with the other forum members.

The description:

Who would have thought of such a dramatic end to the still exciting 2021 Formula 1 season? This season has ensured that the new fans that are born will continue to follow the sport for a long time. The same thing happened in our family too. I did not know that the genesis had been such.

So I’ve literally been a car enthusiast since I learned to walk – collecting world car books on hundreds of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars to scale models. Formula 1 entered my life early – as early as my school years. My first memory of Formula 1 goes back to the Senna-Prost era. However, it was not with the same enthusiasm that I had during the Schumacher-Hakkinen period and then there was no turning back (except for the brief period when Vettel was in power).

So things evolved and in 2016, I became the proud daddy of a beautiful little princess. As my daughter began to grow and we as parents began to recognize her interests and tastes, one thing that stood out was her taste in cars (this made me even prouder). She was able to recognize car logos, draw cars and their logos, and all this at the age of 3-4.

Now, there had always been an understanding between my wife and I that on race Sundays, if we go out at all, we should be home by 6 p.m. This often caused my daughter to keep me company while watching F1 races. She started to take an interest and ask for every detail – literally to the point where it would be difficult to listen to racing commentary, without focusing on the racing. The next thing I knew was that she was becoming a fan herself, looking forward to race Sundays. His admiration started with Lewis Hamilton, who somewhere at the start of the 2021 season suddenly turned to Max (more so because Hamilton had a beard and Max didn’t) and there was no turning back. backward. I can very well say without exaggeration that she eats, sleeps and cries Max! Oh and with the mid-season rivalry between Lewis and Max it was getting too hot to handle with both having race collisions and penalties and so on.

So, on one of those race Sundays, we went to dinner at my brother’s house. Me being me, I had to watch the race with my daughter keeping track of every few minutes. It also got my nephew and niece curious about the sport. They started watching Drive to Survive on Netflix, deepening their curiosity. During the same period, my nephew had a school project to do on anything you wanted – you could learn baking, or you could write a book, or you could do coding – absolutely anything.

So my 16-year-old nephew, an F1 bug buff, decides to make a model Formula 1 car out of nothing but cardboard boxes!

Below are some photos of the project work that I would like to share showing the process of making the model, the work in progress (with my 5 year old sitting inside the car inspecting the details and also giving the wave of victory), and the final model ready. Also included are some photos from the project report explaining the project a bit. I hope everyone will enjoy it!

BTW, my wife too has become a fan now (thanks to my little one) and follows every race and all Formula 1 developments. My race Sundays are sorted!

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