Alfa Romeo F1 no longer limited on British Grand Prix spare parts

The Hinwil-based team have recently faced tough weekends where they were forced to bounce back from a particularly tricky first few days of training.

As well as losing track time due to reliability issues, its drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu had to prepare for races with older specification developments.

This was because the team had been tight on spares and didn’t want to risk a crash on Friday, leaving it without its newest components for the rest of a race weekend.

But having finally caught up with production of spare parts at its factory, Alfa Romeo will be able to fit both cars with the latest developments from this weekend’s race at Silverstone.

Alfa Romeo ground engineering manager Xevi Pujolar said of the situation: “On Friday we still have reliability issues, and that is something we are working to improve.

“But also in terms of performance on Friday, we ran older packages on Friday. From the next race we will be able to do the same package for the whole weekend, so everything will be easier.

Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo C42, in the garage

Photo by: Andy Hone/ Motorsport pictures

Pujolar said the spare parts limitation was the consequence of accidents earlier in the year, including Zhou’s departure from the Imola sprint, which diverted resources from the factory.

“We had a few incidents at the start of the season,” he said. “Then you just have to catch up with all the production of spare parts from the packages that we use, and in parallel to have the production of the new packages, which is something that has been the limitation. Now, from Silverstone, we are already in a good position.

“We also took a little margin. Circuits like Baku, Montreal and Monaco too, when you’re close to the walls, we wanted to make sure that if we had damage on Friday, we wouldn’t want to pay the consequences later. But now it will be better for the next races at least.

Alfa Romeo has delivered impressive pace at times this season, and Pujolar says he is aiming to battle just ahead of the chasing pack behind Red Bull and Ferrari at Silverstone.

“I think we can expect to fight at the top of midfield, but we have to see,” he explained.

“I don’t know if some teams will bring [upgrade] packages at Silverstone, but so far I would say we’ve been pretty consistent across all tracks – so different kinds of tracks and different kinds of aero efficiency as well.

“For the next two races, we expect to fight at the top of the midfield with Alpine and McLaren, and see if we can get more points, and double the points. That’s our target.

“We’re in a position where we want to be in Q3 with both cars, and if that’s so we can have some strong races against Alpine first.”

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