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It’s obvious to anyone who uses the internet, browses social media or listens to the sports news that the Caulfield Cup is not that far away. People can talk about current odds, place bets on the Caulfield Cup and see the sportsmen in action this year.

But what about this event with racing experts and fans so excited? If you want to spend some quality time outdoors and attend the event planned for this year, here is a little session to prepare you.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Caulfield Cup to prepare for Australia’s most anticipated horse racing.

What is the Caulfield Cup?

It is a Group 1 thoroughbred horse race organized by the Melbourne Racing Club. It consists of some of the best horses competing over a distance of 2400m for the winner and is truly a sight to behold.

The event takes place in mid-October at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia over a length of 2,400 meters with a prize money of AU$5,000,000.

However, the race is being converted to a WFA (weight for age) standard by the Melbourne Racing Club. This applies to all horses over three years old.

How did the Caulfield Cup start?

The Caulfield Cup was inaugurated in 1879, making it one of Australia’s oldest races, with Newminster as the first winner. Since then, the competition has seen legendary horses and races.

During World War II the event was held at Flemington Racecourse and in 1943 divisions were added to the race.

Since 1998, the Caulfield Cup has been open to foreign competition and its international recognition has grown. 18 horses compete in the Caulfield Cup each year, with the field being selected by ballot from over 200 nominations.

Rankings in various preparations and prize winnings in tournaments are some of the things that determine the field.

Legendary Caulfield Cup winners

Over the years the Caulfield Cup has seen some of Australia’s finest racehorses. Top winners include Elvstroem in 2004, Northerly in 2002, Mannerism in 1992 and Viewed in 2009.

Recent Caulfield Cup winners include Fawkner in 2013, Mongolian Khan in 2015 and the now deceased Admire Rakti in 2014.

2022 Caulfield Cup Horses

As the Caulfield Cup distance is 2400m, horses running the race must be tall enough to hold their own in tight races and have the stamina to stay strong throughout the course. They should have the acceleration to sprint to the finish line for the win.

The horses that will compete in the 2022 Caulfield Cup will be those that have performed well in preparatory races held prior to the main event, including The Metropolitan, Caulfield Stakes, Herbert Power and the Turnball Stakes.

The horse is always the star of the races, and the Caulfield Cup will feature some of Australia’s finest stays at their peak.

Incentivise, trained by Peter Moody, won the 2021 Caulfield Cup, with Nonconformist and Persian taking the minor places.

The Caulfield Cup Carnival

The Caulfield Cup Carnival is scheduled for October 8-15 each year and is one of Australia’s most anticipated sporting events.

The $3.1 million Group 1 Caulfield Cup, the main event of the carnival, is the world’s richest turf handicap over 2400 meters and attracts high quality ground every year.

Australia’s elite attend Carnival to watch the incredible racehorses and have fun betting on them.

You can also stream the match live and watch it online from the comfort of your home. You can even invite your family or friends to enjoy the race together. You must register with a compatible and reputable bookmaker to stream the race for free.

Caulfield Cup Betting Tips and Tricks

Although betting on the Caulfield Cup does not seem simple, especially since it is a very busy season with multiple bets.

The most common bets include out-and-back bets, spot bets, exotic bets, and win bets.

You need to know the best tips for placing successful bets that help you increase your chances of winning. Although professional bettors are more likely to place successful bets, that doesn’t mean amateurs can’t or experts can never win.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting to place bets, having a few hacks up your sleeves can work wonders. And if you’re thinking of experimenting with betting on this year’s Caulfield Cup, here are two tips to help you on your mission.

Watch out for favorites

There’s a reason you hear betting terminology like favorites. This means that the horses have outstanding and consistent performances, which can increase your chances of winning bets.

As a result, you need to research and research the odds and bets for each game. Even if the amount you win is not large, it is better than winning nothing, which is an important tip for beginners.

Do your research

Before planning to place bets on horses, you should do your research regarding the horses, trainers, tracks and other details. Stats are essential in determining which horse has the best chance of winning and helps you place safe bets.


Now that you have a lot of information about the Caulfield Cup and how betting works, you can go ahead and try to win some money.

However, remember to gamble responsibly as you may not always win. Keep practicing and improving your game; the Caulfield Cup is a great starting point.

Play responsibly. Contact the Gambling Helpline for free, confidential support, information and advice on 1800 858 858 or visit

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