All tire manufacturers used in Formula 1 history

There have been nine different tire manufacturers used in the history of Formula 1. For this F1 quiz, can you name them?

In Formula 1 there are so many components at play that can have a big effect on the performance of the cars. One of them, very naturally, is the tires.

There are different compounds depending on the conditions – on a dry track the tires are slicks with no grooves. When it’s wet, they have tires with tread to be able to get through the toughest conditions.

In addition to this, there are also dry and wet tire variants. Dry tires have three variations on a race weekend – hard, medium and soft compounds. Softs are faster and have the most grip but are the least durable, while hards are the opposite.

When it comes to wet weather tires, you have intermediates and wet tires. Intermediate is for light standing water, while wet is for heavy standing water.

Of course, that’s how we know tires these days.

Throughout the history of F1 there have been multiple variations of tires used, as well as brands. Nine different brands have been used since the Formula 1 era was introduced in 1950.

There have been tire wars in the past, with two or more manufacturers offered to teams that season.

And there have been incidents with issues related to a tire manufacturer as well. See the 2005 United States Grand Prix controversy for more on this.

However, for today’s F1 quiz, we challenge you to name the different tire manufacturers that have been used in Formula 1 history.

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But be sure to try this first. Good luck!

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