Artem Laguta finishes the FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship with Torun Triumph


FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship leader Artem Laguta insists he is not focused on competition as he has moved a touching distance from the sport’s biggest prize in Torun.

Laguta took the podium in Poland’s eWinner Torun SGP R10 on Friday, beating Maciej Janowski, Tai Woffinden and Leon Madsen in the final to win his fifth SGP 2021 victory and his third in a row.

He is now nine points ahead of his closest rival Bartosz Zmarzlik at the top of the standings before the last round of the season on Saturday at the Marian Rose Motoarena.

If Laguta scores at least 12 points in the championship – reaching the final or taking fifth place in the standings – he will become the first rider representing the Russian Motorcycling Federation to be crowned world champion. Born in Bolshoy Kamen on the Sea of ​​Japan coast, Laguta is also said to be the first world champion of Asian descent.

With Zmarzlik coming out of the game with 12 points in Semi-Final 1, Laguta took the lead to the max, winning the semi-final, before stepping onto the podium. But he insists that seeing his biggest rival eliminated hasn’t affected his approach.

The icy runner from Wroclaw and Vastervik said: “I’m not at all focused on Bartosz. I want to focus on myself, do my job and score points. I know we are fighting together, but I am focused on myself and winning my races. Tomorrow is always the same – no pressure, only focus.

“I feel so happy again. It was another great result. I was really focused on trying to get a good result. I was hoping for another victory, and it happened, so it made me happy.

Laguta was surrounded by a huge crowd of supporters in Torun’s pits after his victory and was delighted with the welcome he received.

“Some of them are part of my family – my wife and children as well as my mother-in-law came from Russia. The others were supporters ”,Laguta continued.

“I’m very happy and it’s great to have such nice people around. My mechanics and my manager are all doing a great job. It’s always nice to see the smile on their faces.

“All I can tell everyone is keep my fingers crossed – I’ll try to get another good one tomorrow.”

Runner-up Janowski reached his first final in seven rounds, but he admits he did it the hard way after recording two wins, a second, a third and a fourth in his playoffs.

“It was a good night. It was a bit difficult at the start, but we finished well and I’m very happy with it. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope I can earn a few more points at the start so as not to have to be so nervous at the end.Janowski said.

Janowski enjoyed his epic second place duel with his Wroclaw teammate Woffinden in the final. By saying, “It was a good battle. We have run together so many times. My bike was great today. My bike was great in the final. I had very good speed on the outside.

“I was looking to pass Tai on the outside, but then he closed the door and I changed my line. It was a good, clean race.

It was a one-two-three in Wroclaw tonight as all three riders on the podium tonight played for champions PGE Ekstraliga in 2021.

Woffinden was delighted to follow last Sunday’s play-off final victory at the Olympic Stadium with his second stand of the year.

“We won the league with Wroclaw and now we are on the podium here. We have the Swedish finals with Dackarna next week.

“It’s sure going in the right direction. I’m a little disappointed with the final. The first gate was a bit too dry in the last one. I just went out from the start. But that’s all part of the game. learning “,said Woffinden.

1 Artem Laguta 20 points
2 Maciej Janowski 18 points
3 Tai Woffinden 16 points
4 Léon Madsen 14 points
5 Bartosz Zmarzlik 12 points
6 Robert Lambert 11 points
7 Emil Sayfutdinov 10 Points
8 Max Fricke 9 Points
9 Olivier Berntzon 8 Points
10 Pawel Przedpelski 7 Points
11 Krzysztof Kasprzak 6 Points
12 Anders Thomsen 5 points
13 Jason Doyle 4 points
14 Fredrik Lindgren 3 points
15 Matej Zagar 2 points
16 Martin Vaculik 1 point
17 Krzysztof Lewandowski 0 Point
18 Karol Zupinski 0 Point

1 Artem Laguta 178 points
2 Bartosz Zmarzlik 169 Points
3 Emil Sayfutdinov 131 Points
4 Fredrik Lindgren 122 points
5 Maciej Janowski 113 points
6 Tai Woffinden 112 points
7 Léon Madsen 96 points
8 Max Fricke 86 Points
9 Jason Doyle 78 points
10 Robert Lambert 71 points
11 Anders Thomsen 68 points
12 Martin Vaculik 54 points
13 Dominik Kubera 44 points
14 Matej Zagar 43 points
15 Olivier Berntzon 28 points
16 Krzysztof Kasprzak 25 Points
17 Mikkel Michelsen 9 points
18 Gleb Chugunov 8 Points
January 19 Kvech 7 Points
20 Pawel Przedpelski 7 Points
21 Alexandre Loktaev 6 Points
22 Vadim Tarasenko 4 points
23 Pontus Aspgren 1 point

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