Brawn: Two drivers driving impeccably


Formula 1 General Manager, Motorsports, Ross Brawn was pleased with the spectacle the sport provided in the United States, with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton driving in an impeccable manner in his opinion.

Brawn was examining the return of the 2021 United States Grand Prix, in his usual post-race column on the official F1 website, which turned out to be an enthralling race with an uncertain outcome until the last laps.

The Briton wrote: “F1’s return to the United States for the first time in two years has been incredibly tense competition throughout.

“Mercedes changed their strategy, which gave Lewis a tire advantage over Max and Red Bull in the end, but it was not clear if that would be enough. It turned out that it was not. the case.

Brawn continued, “It was a race to stick to the screen, studying the gaps and the tire strategy to see how the race was going.

“He was far from certain until the end which would win. Neither Lewis nor Max got it wrong – and that’s what’s fantastic about this championship.

Former Brawn GP team manager praised the level of performance both title protagonists have delivered this season.

“We have two drivers who drive impeccably,” he said, “and I don’t think I really saw a mistake from either, nothing significant anyway.”

As usual, Brawn named his driver of the day who was unsurprisingly Verstappen, whose race performance has been a hot topic since the checkered flag was waved in Austin.

“Max gets past that because of the pressure he took from Lewis for much of the race,” he said. “He kept in touch with Lewis during the first part, having lost his lead in the first corner, and then he controlled him from there, taking care of his tires wonderfully.

“Not making a mistake in 56 laps was impressive,” Brawn insisted.

Although Hamilton and Verstappen stole the lights with their ongoing duel up front, the 66-year-old thought of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who has been in great shape the last two races, doing a great job for support its title. teammate.

“Checo was the best of the rest – and finished on the podium for the second race in a row,” said Brawn. “It’s good to see him perform more consistently.

“He was a bit lucky on pole Saturday and put in a pretty solid and solid performance on Sunday, despite feeling a bit under time.

“If he does this every weekend, Red Bull will be delighted,” said the F1 director. “It would have been nice if he could put a little more pressure on Lewis, but these two were in a class of their own.”

Brawn spoke of the particular conditions that the Austin circuit presented to the teams, with its bumpy surface quite penalizing for the man as for the machine.

“The Circuit of The Americas is a tough track,” he said. “The promoter has done a great job of smoothing things out in places, but it’s still a challenge and a challenge where it’s so easy to make a mistake.”

And as many believed, it looks like Red Bull weren’t counting on a big COTA result as they feared it would favor their rivals Mercedes.

It appears that the energy drink group admitted this to Brawn, who revealed: “I know, speaking to those at Red Bull, that they had plotted this race like a Mercedes track and they needed to minimize their losses. .

“It wasn’t – but it was tight – like it has been all year. And maybe we’ll see the opposite happen in Mexico and Brazil, which are leads Red Bull might think they’re going to move towards them.

“This championship still has a very long way to go,” concluded the man in charge of implementing the radical F1 2022 aerodynamic regulations.

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