British F1 GP 2022: Race review

The 2022 British GP was personified in action as the race proved to be a gift that kept on giving. It started with the damage done to Max Verstappen’s car, then the drama at Ferrari, and finally to top it off, the restart of the safety car at the end of the race which added to the nerves.

The class with which Charles Leclerc rode and the way he managed to keep his opponents behind him for so many laps (before finally giving way) was remarkable. When the checkered flag fell on the British GP, it was Carlos Sainz winning his first ever Grand Prix.

As the teams pack up and prepare for the next race in Austria, let’s take a look back at what has been an exciting British GP.

The 2022 British F1 GP review

Who was the star of the race?

The very fact that Charles Leclerc was able to stay in contention for a race victory despite a damaged front wing on the first lap is breathtaking. But to put things into context, the British GP was a race where it appeared that Charles Leclerc was not just battling on the track against other cars. It appeared that he was battling against his own team to get as many points as possible for the championship.

Despite all the reluctance and rather stunned radio messages from the team, Leclerc still managed to put himself in a position where victory seemed like a possibility. However, beyond the internal drama at Ferrari, the highlight of the race came in Leclerc’s battle with Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez. In fact, Leclerc’s passing of Lewis Hamilton away from Copse will go down as one of the best passing passes of the season.

Charles Leclerc proved his worth as the sport’s true elite during the British GP.

Who was the surprise of the day?

The biggest surprise of the day was Sergio Perez’s silent whisperer act all over the pitch. You would have thought the Mexican was out of contention for a solid result once he was forced to retire early for a wing change. But the way the Red Bull rider weaved his way through the peloton was spectacular.

What was even more impressive, however, was Sergio Perez’s pass over Hamilton just after the safety car period. The fact that he passed the Briton twice proved his worth as a top driver and not just as a supporting cast at Red Bull.

Who was the most underachieving?

After a few decent races, Daniel Ricciardo had another shock. The Australian found himself at the start of the race outside the top 10 and at no time did he threaten to fight for points. The fact that his teammate finished sixth puts him in a bad light.

While Norris was in the lead group throughout the race, Daniel Ricciardo was anonymous. Ricciardo’s future might have looked secure after his result in Baku, but again a discolored weekend will surely raise questions.

Where is the British GP sympathy corner?

It was hard to understand for anyone watching Mattia Binotto publicly attack his lead rider who had given his all in a race lost by his team. Charles Leclerc is a mentally strong driver and as far as championship pedigree is concerned, he is on top.

But after the British GP there could even be a sense of betrayal for Leclerc as he tries to make sense of his team’s thought process throughout the race. Ferrari lost a good part of the points and the Monegasque’s relationship with his coordinators continues to deteriorate.

The next race is a week away and it will be very interesting to see how Leclerc approaches the race.

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