British Speedway driver Robert Lambert prepares for Međimurje

March 18, 2022 – British speedway rider and 2020 European Champion Robert Lambert was in Međimurje to try out the track ahead of the Grand Prix season in Croatia.

Britain’s speedway racers bravely enter the new Grand Prix season after winning the world title at the Speedway of Nations. Robert Lambert is one of three runners who have a guaranteed place for Croatia’s season opener at the Millennium Stadium in Donji Kraljevec.

After many years of British speedway racing, three riders represent the Union Jack: 2020 European Champion Robert Lambert, three-time World Champion Tai Woffinden and Daniel Bewley, who will earn GP points as the championship’s first official reserve. Bewley and Holder were invited to the Grand Prix after a ban on Russian riders.

Robert Lambert spent the weekend in Međimurje where he started preparing for the Extraliga and Eliteserien seasons in Poland and Sweden, but also took the opportunity to test the track before the first Grand Prix race:

“For a long time there weren’t so many Brits, the fans are happy, it will be exciting to see the three of us on the world stage. Dan Bewely has had the chance to show what he knows,” began Robert Lambert. “The season is long, I started training in Croatia. Our goal in the Grand Prix is ​​to fight to get to the semi-finals, then to the finals, collect points and be consistent.”

Robert Lambert drives for Torun in Poland, while in the Swedish elite championship, he defends the colors of Smederna, where he drives alongside Bewley and the Slovenian driver Matic Ivačič.

“The course in Croatia is unique, the two corners are similar, but each has its technical differences. It is short, technically demanding; it reminds me of my course at home in the UK. I like that there are tracks different in the Grand Prix; it requires more experience with the riders, more skills and it is more interesting.

Robert Lambert comes to Croatia for training and racing:

“During the summer we have speedway season; my girlfriend and family spend their summers here, but I’m here mainly for pre-season training, so I try to use that time to see some thing in Croatia. I hope to stay here for a few more days after the Grand Prix.”

The Grand Prix season begins on April 30 with the FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Croatia at the Millennium Stadium in Donji Kraljevec, and Međimurje is now one of the most popular sporting destinations for speedway fans. In March we saw Denmark’s national teams, several non-Championship clubs and almost a third of the Grand Prix riders who decided to try out the track and spend a few days at a pre-season camp in Croatia.

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