Creston takes pole position with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team

The The Mercedes-AMG F1 team has selected Creston as a technology partner to deliver the best possible communication experience on race day and beyond.

With the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team often dispatched around the world for races, the racing giant needed a solution to provide seamless and natural collaboration.

Mercedes rolled out the Creston Flex Digital Work Platform and Creston DM NVX® AV over IP technology to keep its operations center running smoothly with real-time data reported on race day.

Steve Riley, Head of IT Operations and Service Management, Mercedes-AMG Petronascommented: “As an F1 team, people think we’re only looking for performance, but we’re looking for reliability in equal measure.

“Creston was a natural choice for us as we already knew him, and he has always proven to be very reliable and robust for us.

“Creston technology is at the heart of every one of our meeting spaces and collaboration spaces, like the Silver Arrows Lounge and our debriefing room, where we hold post-race debriefings each week.”

According to Creston, having the right collaboration technology in place is key to bringing the Mercedes team together for a successful race day.

Video collaboration is an essential part of this race day experience, with Creston Flex for Microsoft Teams helping to provide a consistent and familiar platform for meetings across the world.

Riley added: “Over the past two years we have learned to work in a more agile and hybrid way.

“Now we have people joining calls and meetings from many places: the meeting room itself, somewhere else in the factory, or from anywhere in the world, like a paddock or hotel.

“Crestron Flex allowed us to do this seamlessly.”

Mercedes uses Crestron DM NVX AV over IP technology to transmit key data and race day coverage to create a complete experience for guests watching from the facility.

Guests in the Operations Center can watch the race and see real-time data as it is transmitted to the Mercedes-AMG team.

“We’re using Crestron DM NVX here to efficiently connect our AV systems to our network, turning data from the car into something that can be easily consumed,” Riley said.

More information about Crestron’s hybrid workspace offering can be found in the eBook: Hybrid and equal: Creating the workplace of the future to learn how to transform the workplace – seamlessly connecting team members anywhere in the world through Crestron’s Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

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