Delta Beer Lab and Hop Haus Brewing will organize the “Madison Brewery Bike Race”


MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Biking and beer enthusiasts are invited to take part in a 12-mile wet bike ride during the second annual Madison Brewery Bike Race.

The event, hosted by Delta Beer Lab and Hop Haus Brewing, is scheduled to take place on September 11 and breweries expect a high turnout this year, Delta Beer Lab said.

“The Madison Brewery Bike Race is a really fun event that allows riders to cycle a few miles while tasting craft beers at both Hop Haus and Delta Beer Lab,” said Pio (Tim Pitrowski), co-owner and manager of Delta beer. .

The race will start after 11 a.m. and is scheduled to end at 4 p.m., Delta Beer Lab said. The clock for each runner’s race time begins after they return their first pint glass to the Delta Beer Lab.

There is no route for the event, meaning cyclists can choose the route they want to take to the Hop Haus Fitchburg Brewpub and back to the Delta Beer Lab.

“All cyclists will enjoy three pints of local craft beer, a great bike ride and lots of fun,” said Pio. “We are really delighted to host this event again with our friends at Hop Haus Brewing Co.”

The three fastest runners will receive prizes and all runners will enter a raffle, Delta Beer Lab said.

The cost of the event is $ 30 for riders who pre-register and $ 35 for those who register on the day of the event.

Delta Beer Lab asks cyclists to obey all traffic laws, wear helmets and drink alcohol responsibly. All are encouraged to follow current policies, wear a mask indoors, and practice social distancing.

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