Does an F1 driver pee in his racing suit? The secret explained

The 2022 F1 season is upon us and while some are wondering about the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and how it might affect this year’s races, more casual fans are more interested in a simple question. . Does an F1 driver pee in his suit? Can they pee while running? And who actually did this?

Well, let’s answer those questions. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s answer the big question.

Does an F1 driver pee in his suit?


Usually an F1 race lasts around 90 minutes in total. Sometimes they can be longer, but 2 hours is the cut-off time due to driver safety. This means that sometimes a driver will find themselves in an unexpected situation and have to pee in their own suit. We have a few quotes from F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton on the subject, but before we get to that, let’s talk about what happens if they do that.

What happens when an F1 driver pees in his suit?

Unlike where a driver can simply press a button to have water run through their helmet via a hose for a drink, they don’t have a system that does the opposite when they need to pee. It would be very uncomfortable, to say the least, and rather intrusive. So instead, a racing driver would just go into their costume.

It’s not like they can pull over quickly on the side of the road or ask the team to take a break for a few minutes while they pull out at a pit stop. When the time comes, they have to go into their suits, but that doesn’t mean they stay seated for the rest of the race.

An F1 car is really hot

Formula 1 drivers not only have to compete with every other car on the field, but they also have to battle dehydration. Being so close to a hot engine and wearing a full flame retardant racing suit in the scorching sun means riders lose a lot of fluid through sweat. So drinking throughout the race is extremely important.

It also means that any pee dries out quickly, so by the time a driver has finished a race and got out of the car there would be very little evidence of anything.

Lewis Hamilton’s take on peeing during an F1 race

Seven-time world champion Lewis gave his take on the matter, admitting that although he’s never done it before, he knows someone who has:

“You’re supposed to go in costume, but I can’t. I have never done it. But there are riders who do,” Hamilton told reporters.

“The driver who drove for the team was Michael Schumacher, I don’t know if anyone has heard of him, but a legendary racing driver, but my mechanics told me he peed every time he drove. he was in the car.”

David Coulthard’s take on peeing while running

David Coulthard told the On the Marbles podcast the following:

“Well, number two never crossed my mind because it’s part of your race prep to make sure you make the weight of the race.

So you don’t want to carry anything. Certainly, from my point of view, adrenaline and fear are an excellent laxative. So we never have a problem emptying our bowels.

“I only peed in the car once. And that was the year Panis broke his leg in Montreal. Montreal was a surprisingly tough race for dehydration when it was hot. And so you really took a lot of, you know, I was taking about five liters of fluid from waking up until the start of the race and under the safety car I was dying to pee and I just had to letting go, but it’s much harder than you imagined.

“Because even when driving slowly, a Grand Prix car remains a hostile environment. So, you know, let’s put it this way: it’s very difficult to get the wind going in a race car because it involves relaxing your sphincter. And doing that while you’re trying to press the pedals and pull G… Really hard.

Mark Webber also admitted peeing in his F1 car in the same podcast, admitting it took much longer than expected and had to take a break while he concentrated on the corners after starting in the line right of the circuit. He admits it was “so wrong”.

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