Enter to win this rare 1 of 392 Dodge Charger 500 homologation cars

In the late 1960s, Dodge needed to make some improvements to its Charger race car so it could compete better in NASCAR. At the time, regulations required Dodge to build and sell at least 500 examples to the public. Dodge therefore created the 1969 Charger 500 to satisfy NASCAR’s homologation rules. But Dodge never sold enough. Instead, it only produced 392 examples, one of which can be yours if you’re taking part in the latest Dream Giveaway right now.

The Charger’s squat, recessed face and recessed rear window caused aerodynamic chaos for the car. Dodge engineers have therefore found a few solutions. A flush grille and revamped rear window design improved airflow around the Charger. Dodge got the go-ahead to make the modifications to its race car and began shipping unfinished Chargers to Creative Industries for their transformation.

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It was Creative Industries that turned the unfinished Chargers into the Charger 500. The company would install the new grille insert and fill in the rear window cavity. The car would arrive in customers’ hands with either a 426 or 440 cubic inch engine mated to either a TorqueFlite automatic or the rarer four-speed manual.

The 1969 Charger 500 from Dream Giveaway that you can win has the biggest engine, which develops 375 horsepower (279 kilowatts), and the four-speed manual transmission. This is 1 of 37 documented to have this powertrain spec. The Charger 500 has undergone a full frameless restoration and the car is on the Chrysler register. If you participate in the Dream Giveaway now, Motor1.com readers will receive double admission tickets with a donation of $25 or more.

This Dream Giveaway won’t last forever, and if you’re the winner, you’ll also receive $17,500 to pay taxes on the prize. The late 1960s saw automakers go to great lengths to win on the racetrack, which was a boon to customers who were able to take advantage of race-approved cars. At Dodge, it all started with the Charger 500, a rare car with a unique story that you can enter to win now. All you have to do is donate to Dream Giveaway’s favorite charities – it’s that simple!

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