Everything you need to know about the new F2 and F3 format for 2022


Formula 2 and Formula 3 announced the first details of a new look format which will once again see the two championships run together on the same weekends as Formula 1, a move which President and CEO Stefano Domenicali says will provide “maximum entertainment” for fans.

Here’s your breakdown of everything we know so far and what’s to come …

So F2 and F3 will participate in the same events?

Yes. The big news from the announcement is that F2 and F3 will be reunited in 2022. Until Russia, the two had run exclusively on separate weekends this season following a series of announced cost-cutting measures. end of 2020.

F2 and F3 CEO Bruno Michel said the change had proven to be “quite effective” financially, while raising the visibility of the third tier, but there was a strong desire from all parties to bring the three championships together. during a Grand Prix weekend. .

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The possibility was discussed at length between Michel, F1 and the FIA ​​and all three agreed to make it a reality. The movement not only charts a clear course from F3 to F1, but more importantly, it offers a richer and more exciting spectacle for fans, who will now be able to see the greatest young drivers on the planet all competing in the same weekend. at the same tracks.

It also means that there will be fewer gaps between the heats in each category, which Michel said has not been ideal for teams, drivers or fans.

2021 F3 final moved from Austin to Sochi

What will race weekends look like?

Simply put, each round will consist of a free practice session, a qualifying session and two races.

This means that there will be one less stroke in each round, but the introduction of a third race for 2021 was only made to compensate for the fact that they would each have fewer events than in previous years.

With the return of F2 and F3 on the same weekends, there will be an increase in the number of heats per category. So much action to sink your teeth into, but more evenly distributed throughout the year.

The Friday format will remain largely the same for both, with one free practice session and one qualifying session per championship. Qualifying will decide the starting grid for Sunday’s race, which will take place before the F1 Grand Prix.

For F2, the starting grid for the only race on Saturday will be determined by reversing the top 10 qualifying on Friday. For the F3, it will be a reversal of the top 12.

Two races rather than three will be the norm in 2022

Do we know which GP F2 and F3 will participate?

At this time no. Each event will run alongside Formula 1, but confirmation of the number of rounds and their location will only be made once F1 announces its own schedule.

Many other details will be confirmed in due course, including the length of sessions and races and the number of points available in each. However, Michel said Sunday’s race will be the main event, where “the stakes are higher” and the most points are available.

F2 and F3 schedules will not be announced until the F1 schedule is agreed

What did the key players say?

It goes without saying that Stefano Domenicali, president and CEO of Formula 1, played a pivotal role in the decision and the Italian was keen to talk about the entertainment the two add to an F1 event.

“We are delighted to announce the changes to the weekend format for Formula 2 and 3 for next season and I am grateful to Bruno and the teams for their efforts to make this happen,” said Domenicali. “The 2021 season has been extremely exciting and the talent displayed in both championships is incredible.

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“We want to make sure that all of our fans get the maximum amount of entertainment during a racing weekend and the resumption of the championships in 2022 will provide more racing action during our events and ensure our fans have an activity that will keep them engaged and engaged. excited. “

As CEO of F2 and F3, Michel was able to deepen the process by explaining: “In 2021, we have introduced a new format of race weekend and have chosen to run F2 and F3 separately, mainly for reasons of costs, and it turned out to be quite effective.

“However, although sporting this new format was working quite well, we understood that there was too much time between each event, which was not ideal for the teams, the drivers and the fans.

F2 and F3 CEO Bruno Michel with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali (R)

“At the same time, there was a strong desire on the part of the various stakeholders to make F1, F2 and F3 race again. After careful consideration, in collaboration with the FIA, we have decided to modify the sporting regulations accordingly.

“This is great news for the fans as we are improving the overall F1 Grand Prix weekend experience, by racing all three championships together, at as many events as possible. However, we are keeping our races where the more points are awarded and the stakes are higher on Sunday before the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It has worked pretty well this year and I think it brought a lot of action and fun on Sunday morning.

FIA single-seater sporting director Michael Masi was the third key member in the decision-making process and is confident the changes will benefit all three levels.

He added: “We have carefully considered the impact of the changes that have been made to the weekend format throughout 2021, and while there have been some notable benefits, the FIA ​​and the promoters have concluded that ‘shared billing that showcases Formula 3, Formula 2 and Formula 1 at the same events as far as possible is more beneficial to competitors than to spectators.

“The regulatory process is constantly evolving and there have been a lot of things we have learned this year that we will be implementing throughout the FIA’s single-seater pyramid, which continues to grow stronger. “

To learn more about Road to F1, visit www.fiaformula2.com and www.fiaformula3.com

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