F1 22: Podium Pass Guide

Similar to the last two official Formula 1 video games, EA SPORTS F1 22 has paid in-game merchandise which is completely optional and merely decorative.

The Podium Pass, which was first introduced in F1 2020, combines challenges, experience points, levels and virtual money to offer a parallel progression system that unlocks new things.

Along with racing-related items, this has been extended for F1 22 to include lifestyle items as part of F1 Life.

Here’s all the information you want about Podium Pass and what’s new for the game’s 2022 season.

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F1 Podium Pass 22

Podium Pass is a way for your My Team custom driver or non-racing F1 Life avatar to gain access or acquire cosmetics within F1 22. There are two main tiers: VIP and Free.

Items can be obtained by completing tasks, gaining XP levels, or purchasing from an Item Shop. There are 30 stages in each of the two Podium Pass categories. Earning a certain amount of experience points (XP) in the game, which increases with each level, unlocks new levels.

If you complete all 30 levels, there is also an additional level of prestige for each level. You can unlock things by playing the game and completing levels, although not all levels include them.

For example, the first series Podium Pass free tier for F1 22 has 14 things out of a total of 30. For each advanced XP level, there is an additional unlockable item in the VIP tier.

How to Earn XP for Podium Pass Tiers

You get experience points for each F1 race 22 you participate in (XP). From level 1, they help to level up.

Almost everything you accomplish in the game earns you XP. For example, the rewards change based on your performance by completing a three-lap Grand Prix or when you triumph in a competitive online race.

For example, in the My Team career mode, you receive performance-based incentives as well as 100 XP for each round of each session. You can also increase your XP by completing Podium Pass challenges.

Podium Pass Challenges in F1 22

You can access a “Challenges” part of the Podium Pass area of ​​the game. When you complete the necessary objectives, you will earn more XP to progress through the Podium Pass levels and access new cosmetic items.

There are three different categories: Standard Daily Challenges, VIP Challenges, and Series Challenges:

F1 22 Standard Daily Challenges

Every player has access to the Standard Challenge Zone, which refreshes once every 24 hours. There could be up to four obstacles here. For example, completing a race in Australia would award 250 XP.

F1 22 Series Podium Pass Challenges

There are four challenge subcategories in the series: Solo, Career, Multiplayer, and Weekly Events.

Solo Objectives challenges can be completing a time trial within a specific time frame for 1000 XP, for career challenges it can be finishing first or second in My Team, for multiplayer it can be Complete three Online Races with no issues for 1250 XP, and for Weekly Challenges it can be taking part in the Weekly Online Events.

Only every eight weeks are the tasks in the series refreshed.

F1 Challenges 22 VIP Podium Pass

Only individuals who acquire the VIP Podium Pass tier are eligible to participate in VIP Challenges.

You have a greater possibility of leveling up as it offers eight new tasks with extra XP which are renewed once a week for eight weeks.

Except for being purchased, they work the same as the Standard and Series challenges and are available in all game modes. For 750 XP, for example, complete five pit stops in My Team or travel 50 miles in Britain.

SPIELBERG, AUSTRIA – JULY 08: Max Verstappen of the Netherlands driving the (1) Oracle Red Bull Racing RB18 on track during practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Austria at Red Bull Ring on July 08, 2022 in Spielberg, Austria . (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

There is no way to start a Podium Pass challenge. Challenge conditions from the Podium Pass menu can be viewed there, but they cannot be started. Instead, write down the challenge, then duplicate the necessary circumstances in Career, Multiplayer, Grand Prix, and Time Trial modes.

F1 Series 22 Podium Pass Duration

Typically, the Podium Pass series lasts eight weeks. There is a small break between the end of one series and the next starting when the eight week period is over.

When a streak refreshes, new challenges and items are added, and you are immediately reset to level 1 with no XP.

Click the left joystick on the gamepad (L3 on a PlayStation, for example) to open the Player Hub and get the Podium Pass in F1 22. You can also tab through the main menu until you get to at the Player Hub. There is a Podium Pass option from here.

You can check your level, see what goods could be unlocked, visit the Item Shop, buy Pitcoins, or browse challenges once the main Podium Pass hub has been selected.

Items included in the Podium Pass

Through Podium Pass, only cosmetic items that do not improve performance can be acquired. the items consist of:

  • Car liveries
  • Victory Radio Calls
  • Racing suits
  • helmet designs
  • Glove designs
  • Insignia emblems
  • Livery Decals
  • Driver Poses
  • personal car stickers
  • Podium Emotes
  • Pitcoin Currency
  • F1 Life seats
  • F1 Life Furniture
  • F1 Life Upholstery Fabric
  • F1 Life wall designs
  • F1 Life wall art
  • F1 Life Lighting

When the player’s car is driven, for example in a time trial or online, the designs of the car’s livery and the racing driver’s equipment (gloves, helmet, suit) can be used. Along the same lines are insignia emblems, driver’s license holders, and car stickers. The Personalization menu allows the addition of elements.

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