Fernando Alonso still waiting for a “gift” from his F1 rivals


Fernando Alonso says he’s still waiting for luck to pass this season, but has spoken of his satisfaction at earning his merit points in 2021.

The Alpine driver took a few races to fully regain speed at the start of the year after his two-season sabbatical in Formula 1, but has since returned to form and picked up points in each of the last six races.

The Spaniard has shown flashes of former Alonso so far this season, notably gaining six places in the first round of sprint qualifying at Silverstone, while receiving praise from Sebastian Vettel for showing the skills the Germans called it “some of the greatest the sport has ever seen”.

But although he has yet to step onto the podium since his return, Alonso has said he is proud of what he has been able to do so far.

“We haven’t had any luck this year. Every position that I have won has been after fighting very hard, there has been no gift from anyone. I had to fight to get every point, so I’m proud of it, ”Alonso told reporters, quoted by Spanish media SoyMotor.com.

“If luck is on my side one day, I’m sure the result will be good but I’m not too worried about it. I’m more proud and satisfied to always work hard because every point we got was well deserved.

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Alonso’s excellent defensive performance against Lewis Hamilton in Hungary was seen as a big reason why teammate Esteban Ocon won a frantic race just before the summer break.

But although he eventually came back fourth, Alonso felt that there was a bit of bad luck on the line, he could have fought for the victory himself.

“I was not in a position to fight for the victory after an unlucky start,” he said. “Sometimes you gain positions on the first corner and sometimes you lose them.

“This time I lost positions and it compromised my race.

As for next season, Alonso has previously said he believes the order of march when the new cars hit the track will be a total unknown, with “no guarantees” on the position of Alpine, or any other team.

But even though he has improved over the season, the two-time former world champion said his squad has already focused on 2022.

“We are improving, but I hope we learn more in the second half of the year to better prepare for 2022, which is the main goal,” he said.

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