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Ferrari’s performance in Istanbul boosted Scuderia’s morale, not so much for Charles Leclerc in fourth place, but for The excellent state of form expressed by the car compared to the performance of previous races. The n ° 16 car in Monaco was indeed still close to Mercedes and Red Bull at the head of the race, before diversification strategies widened the gap in the Final. Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, came back from the penultimate position on the starting grid to eighth place under the checkered flag, making several passes in a race where no one could benefit from the help of the DRS.

Overall, the Red’s performance in Turkey was the result of a well-balanced car that took advantage of favorable environmental and asphalt conditions to reduce the difficulties of the SF21. The high road surface grip and lack of water on the track on Sunday made it easier for the intermediate tires to warm up, an aspect where the 2021 Ferrari has often highlighted its shortcomings. In addition to the climatic conditions and the quality of the decoration work carried out in Istanbul, However, Scuderia management also attributed performance advantages to the new powertrain’s hybrid system. Which anticipates some of the basic concepts of the 2022 single-seater.

The new specification was first introduced in Sochi on the Charles Leclerc car, and then was also installed on the Carlos Sainz car in Turkey. The innovations only concern the hybrid part of the powertrain, in particular the battery pack and the MGU-K and MGU-H generator electric motors.While the combustion engine remained within the previous specifications. An introduction to the current season of the solutions to be implemented on the 2022 car was dictated by the Maranello team’s desire to check out the new powertrain, before it was frozen with the entry into force of the new regulations: “It is clear to us that we must accumulate kilometers on the circuit and experiment before 2022, when the powertrains will be frozen”The team leader said Mattia Binotto. “For us, that was the key and the reason we brought in the new specs.”

The first man on the team then reflected briefly on the contribution of the new specs highlighted during the Turkish Grand Prix: “It gives us a little advantage. I don’t want to limit the lap time because it depends on the track. It’s not just a heat engine, it’s about energy recovery, it’s a little more complicated. But we are certainly seeing benefits. If we look at Charles’s qualifications [a Istanbul]printed for the fourth time. Looking behind him the others were very close and I’m sure without the new spec we would have lost two places.. Given that Leclerc in qualifying beat Pierre Gasly with 61 points and Fernando Alonso with 212 points, Mattia Binotto estimates the advantage of the new hybrid system at around 2 tenths of a second in a lap at Istanbul Park.

improve efficiency
The clues to the updated powertrain benefits don’t lie in the top straight-line speed ratings, as Rossa de Leclerc has climbed in qualifying and racing. Indeed, the wake speed measurements were mainly influenced by the aerodynamic configuration which was particularly weak for Monaco, as evidenced by the spoon-shaped rear wing. In addition, it is possible that the powertrain did not have an increase in the maximum power released by the hybrid part, since the MGU-K electric generator, connected to the rear wheels, is limited by regulation to a maximum power of 120 kW. Instead, the MGU-H does not deliver power to the wheels, but helps the turbocharger compress air in the combustion chamber, where maximum pressure is limited by the structural integrity of the heat engine.

As Mattia Binotto pointed out, The main advantage lies rather in the better efficiency of the hybrid part. On the one hand, in fact, the new battery manufacturing technology allows better recharging during braking by exploiting the kinetic energy reconstituted by the MGU-K and the thermal energy remaining in the exhaust gases converted by the MGU- H. On the other hand, efforts were made at Maranello to reduce the power dissipated both in traction and braking. In this regard, a rumor has recently spread about him Ferrari went from a 400-volt battery to an 800-volt battery. The increase in voltage would have allowed the same levels of electrical energy to be transferred from one component of the power unit to another at a lower current density, thereby reducing power dissipation. The combined result on both sides is increased energy availability, allowing both electric motors to run longer than in the past.

It is therefore understood that the main advantage was not an increase in the maximum electric power, and how much Extend the time periods during which maximum power is available for the hybrid, which results in a higher average force per revolution. In addition to the power side, much work has also been carried out in Maranello on the thermal management of the various components of the hybrid part, to extend the use of electric motors in contexts where in the past the limit was not represented by the ‘energy. availability, but by reliability and high temperatures.

Additional benefits of the regenerated hybrid will be noticeable from 2022. As reported in recent weeks by Alberto Antonini on the pages of FormulaPassion.itThe new MGU-K and MGU-H are downsized and designed to require less heat dissipation from the cooling system. This will allow you to design smaller radiatorsThis results in the design of more compact sides to take advantage of the external aerodynamics. This particular aspect will be one of the technical subjects of comparison on the new single-seaters, as the following regulations will allow the opening of large cooling grilles in the upper part of the bellies in the bonnet area, positioned largely behind the aerators which are currently open on the sides of the passenger compartment. Thus, the teams will be invited to seek the optimal compromise between a hollow side design and a more rounded design, in order to make the most of the new grilles and to be able to reduce the rear air intake of the hood for hot air.

The only cooling standard of the SF21’s new hybrid system remains the specification of the hood used from race to race. In Sochi and Istanbul, the Reds ran the narrower version, but the rain that marked the last two events prevents us from deciding whether this choice is a girl migration less prone to overheating or rather if it is only because of the cooler room temperatures. The real proof of this will be provided by the trio of races in the Middle East and even earlier in Mexico City, where altitude always proves to be a challenge on the cooling front.

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