Ferrari world champion? Binotto doesn’t talk about it yet

Ferrari is back. The Italian team won the first Grand Prix and currently leads both championships. However, Ferrari is careful not to be too euphoric. The season is still very long.


Mattia Binotto was not to be envied in recent seasons. From Italy, the pressure is always strong: Ferrari must perform. It just didn’t work. Ferrari was a team in the middle, with occasional podium finishes. Therefore, for 2022, he had to change course. So far, successfully.

In conversation with Picture Binotto admits there was indeed pressure. Now that the season has started so strong, the mood in the home country has completely changed. Meanwhile, we are talking about the world title. Even Binotto keeps an open mind. Asked about a goal, he answers: “In every race, fight for victory.

No favorite

Binotto remains modest for now, as the season is still long. “Further development will be key this season for the second part of the championship. We appreciate this good start. ‘last year are still the favourites.”

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