Formula 1 driver salaries 2022

Formula 1 enters a new era in 2022, with new motoring regulations intended to make the new season one of the most exciting yet, across the field, rather than at the top.

Whereas Sir Lewis HamiltonThe future of in the sport is not yet clear, there have been less changes than normal this winter in terms of new drivers coming into the sport. However, with significant driver changes within teams, there is a lot to note when it comes to driver salaries for the new season.

Yes hamilton decides to continue racing and not retire, the British icon will remain the highest paid driver. His base salary is around 35 million euros and he has only one year left to race with Mercedes, while the current world champion Max Verstappen earns around 22 million euros with Red Bull.

His title win resulted in numerous bonus payments, which could have taken his final earnings to around €35m for the 2021 season.

Fernando Alonso remains one of the sport’s veterans, and he’s third on the list, despite getting a measly €17.5m compared to hamilton. The Spaniard hopes his experience can help Alpine F1 take advantage of the regulations in 2022, and perhaps be a winning car.

F1 Driver Salaries 2022

1. L. Hamilton Mercedes 35 million euros, 2023

2. Mr. Verstappen Red Bull €22m, 2023

3. Fernando Alonso Alpine €17.5 million, 2022

4. S. Vettel Aston Martin €13m, 2022+

5. D. Ricciardo McLaren €13m, 2023+

6. C. Leclerc Ferrari €10.5 million, 2024

seven. Carlos Sainz Ferrari €8.5 million, 2022+

8. V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 8.5 million euros, 2025

9. L. Stroll Aston Martin €8.5m, indefinite term

10. S. Perez Red Bull €7 million, 2022

11. G. Russell Mercedes €4.5 million, 2023

12. L. Norris McLaren €4.5m, 2025+

13. E.Ocon Alpine 4.5 million euros, 2024

14. P. Gasly AlphaTauri 4.5 million euros, 2023

15. A. Albon Williams €1.75m, 2022+ (Red Bull)

16. G. Zhou Alfa Romeo 850,000 euros, 2022

17. Mr. Schumacher Haas 850,000, 2022+ (Ferrari)

18. N. Mazepin Haas 850,000 euros, 2022

19. N. Latifi Williams €850,000, 2022

20. Y.Tsunoda AlphaTauri 650,000 euros, 2022+

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