Formula 1 fans report even more harassment at Italian Grand Prix

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Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty Images)

After reports of harassment both to Austria and the Dutch Grands Prix, it’s no surprise the trend continued at last weekend’s Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Fans who attended the event report instances of harassment as well as the organizational chaos that made the entire race a misery.

Let’s start with a video of Harry Eade, who handles social media for Aston Martin. Eade shared a clip of two men walking through a grandstand asking anyone wearing a Max Verstappen hat to remove their headgear:

Another video from a fan of the race shows a podium singing a song about Verstappen’s mother being a whore:

Among the harassment from fans was widespread disorganization at the event that left one fan with reduced mobility waiting for help that never came:

Another fan shared a thread of her experience, which included long queues and a description of an “exchange” system set up at the track. Instead of paying directly for food or drink, fans had to purchase tokens which could then be exchanged for these items:

If you managed to find something to eat or drink, there was little hope that you would be able to enjoy it. Track security reportedly took bottles of water from fans at the gate and then refused anything other than a single small bottle of water in the stands.

The track shared a emergency number whom fans could contact if they experienced harassment or health issues at the event. Some fans reported that they were unable to get phone number to work. Others reported that cell service on the trail was so poor that they couldn’t get in touch with anyone.

Additionally, the track suddenly closed a general admission area in the middle of the weekend without mentioning anything to fans:

While the sudden outpouring of news about rude fans after each race weekend might seem surprising, why has it suddenly become a problem? — I want to point out that this has been happening regularly for decades. The advent of social media and the growing public feeling that such behavior is unacceptable and not just part of a race weekend gave rise to these reports. gain ground.

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