Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel issues Fernando Alonso claim as veteran pair prepare for 2022

Sebastian Vettel has said other drivers on the pitch are his inspiration these days, with the German citing Fernando Alonso as a particular example.

Between the pair, 6 Formula 1 world championships have been won, with the duo competing for the title in 2010 and 2012 in particular.

Both times Vettel came out on top, but it was Alonso who had the best season last year, as he finished above the Aston Martin driver in the standings – although both ended up in the middle. of the whiteboard.

They had their best moments in 2021, however, with Vettel reaching a podium in Azerbaijan and Alonso doing the same in Qatar towards the end of the season, with both drivers proving to be extremely popular on the stand.

And, that said, Vettel himself has revealed he is happy to see Fernando return to the top three on the Losail circuit, the Spaniard being one of those drivers who particularly motivates and inspires him.

“I think it’s the other drivers,” Vettel said when asked what makes him race in Formula 1.

“I think it can be other drivers, from the past and the present. Fernando had a super inspiring and awesome, awesome race [in Qatar]. I was really happy for him to see him there, and it’s a great motivation to see that.

“You give us the right tools at the right time and we can do our job. I think it’s undisputed that Fernando has great qualities so that can be a motivator.

Certainly Vettel and Alonso showed last season when they had the opportunity to shine, they absolutely still can.

Vettel could have secured a second podium in Hungary in 2021, but a fuel violation deprived him of that post-race, while Alonso greatly impressed by defending Lewis Hamilton in the same Grand Prix, pointing out that his racing technique is always so impeccable.

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