Formula 1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton will receive a documentary on Apple TV+

Hamilton will produce the documentary.

Pictures via Apple TV+

Fans of the Formula 1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton will soon have a new look at the athlete. Apple TV+ has announced a new feature-length documentary that will focus on Hamilton’s life and career.

Hamilton is considered one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in history. His career started in 2007. Since then, Hamilton has won the Formula 1 world title seven times, starting in 2008. Back then, Hamilton was the youngest champion in the history of the sport. His most recent victory as world champion was in 2020. Hamilton is also currently the only black driver to have raced in the Formula 1 series. In 2021, Hamilton was knighted. The film will look at the challenges he had to overcome to succeed in the sport, as well as his many victories. The documentary crew had full access to Hamilton, along with their crew. It will also feature a well-known cast of guest interviews. Hamilton was also the film’s producer. His previous film work includes voice an automotive version of himself in Pixar’s 2011 film Cars 2 (directed by John Lasseter) and voicing Cruz Ramirez’s voice command assistant in the 2017 sequel Cars 3 (directed by brian fee).


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The film will be directed by Matt Kay. Penni Thow will be a producer. Scott Budnick will be an executive producer, with Richard Plepler through Eden Productions. It will be produced by Box to Box films and One Community. The film is one of many documentaries that are part of Apple TV+’s upcoming slate of original programming. An upcoming documentary series will focus on the NBA player Earvin MagicJohnsonentitled They call me magic. The series is scheduled for April 22. A documentary about the actor and director Sidney Poitier is also under development, which Oprah Winfrey will be an executive producer for. Apple TV+ isn’t the only streaming service creating a Formula 1 documentary. Netflix’s documentary series Formula 1: drive to survive covers the Formula 1 World Championship. The fourth season, which will cover the 2021 championship, is scheduled to air on March 11 and will consist of 10 episodes. Just like the Lewis Hamilton documentary, Formula 1: drive to survive is also produced by Box to Box films.

No official release date has been announced for the premiere of the Lewis Hamilton documentary film on Apple TV+. In the meantime, Formula 1 fans can watch Formula 1: drive to survivewhich is available to stream on Netflix.

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