Haas’ Hungarian Grand Prix upgrade will be last this year RaceFans

In summary: Haas will no longer develop the VF-22 after bringing a final round of upgrades to the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In short

Haas halts development after Hungary upgrade package

Haas team principal Günther Steiner says they will get to work on their 2023 car after the Hungarian Grand Prix, with no upgrades planned after the summer break.

“We are bringing upgrades, which are developments, to Hungary,” Steiner said. “And then we finish it there.

“We think we’re going to finish it there because we have to start focusing on next year because there’s a lot more payoff to that than just continuing to push, to invest money this year.”

Latifi will run the French Grand Prix upgrade package

Nicholas Latifi’s car will receive the same upgrade package that has been tested on teammate Alex Albon from Silverstone, starting this weekend.

“After introducing new parts to Alex’s car over the past two races, we are now in a position where both cars can be driven with the upgrades,” explained Vehicle Performance Manager Dave Robson. “Although the weather at Silverstone and the sprint format in Austria were not ideal for testing, we received enough encouraging feedback to be confident that we have made a step forward.”

Latifi said he was “super excited to arrive in France as this is the first race where I will have the upgrade package”. “We’ve seen positive signs on Alex’s car so far, so I can’t wait to get a first look.

“Hopefully it can give us that bit of extra relative rhythm that we’ve been missing and put us more into the fight.”

Latifi is the only driver to have started in all races this year but has yet to score a point.

Mortara “extremely lucky” in the New York downpour

Edoardo Mortara was relieved to come away with a point in Formula E’s first race in New York last weekend after aquaplaning in a heavy downpour. He took fifth on the road but fell to ninth in the final standings after picking up a five-second penalty for driving too fast for a full yellow period.

The Venturi racer was about to strike when the downpour brought the race to an abrupt and early end. “I spent the first half saving a lot of energy so I could spend more in the later laps and I think the strategy worked really well,” Mortara explained. I gained a lot of ground in my last attack mode and I think if the race had stayed dry we could have caught the cars in front of us.

But the flood caused several cars to skid and brought out the red flags. “When it started to rain, the conditions changed very quickly and I was hydroplaning about 250 meters before the sixth corner. I was afraid of hitting the cars that had already crashed in front of me, but I put my foot on the brake, managed to stop and slammed on the gas to turn around. I was very lucky to be able to continue. »

Mortara’s ninth place kept him leading the standings going into Sunday’s race, a result he called “very strange for me, but under the circumstances I’m happy”. But 10th place in the second part of the double-header meant he was unable to prevent Mercedes’ Stoffel Vandoorne from taking the championship lead from him with four races to go.

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