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Lewis Hamilton has had some great competitors throughout his years in Formula 1, as he started competing for the championship from day one.

As we head into the French Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion will see himself driving his 300th race in Formula 1. His debut dates back to 2007, when he joined McLaren and saw his championship hopes dashed by a great Kimi Raikkonen . Not only, but he had to face the great Fernando Alonso, who had just won two consecutive world championships with Renault.

A year later he was able to take on the strong Ferrari force of Felipe Massa and once again Fernando Alonso, who now wore red. He won his very first championship and went to join Mercedes, he only got stronger.

His last battle was with Max Verstappen in 2021, and we can say with the FIA, given the controversial decisions made in Abu Dhabi. This Anglo-Dutch battle was one of the most exciting the sport has ever seen, but very dangerous too. The crash that sent Max Verstappent to Silverstone hospital, and the crash that saw a Red Bull run over Lewis Hamilton at Monza, got many thinking: “Are they going too far?

It got out of hand but despite this Lewis Hamilton still doesn’t think Max Verstappen has been his ‘strongest competitor’ over the years.

Lewis Hamilton’s ‘strongest contender’

The battle against Max Verstappen was a battle no screenwriter can ever imagine or think about. It was an unexpected season, with drama and controversy fueling even those who don’t support Mercedes or Red Bull.

But Lewis Hamilton still insists his battle with Max Verstappen isn’t the toughest he’s faced. Instead, he chose two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, who continues to make life difficult for the Briton to this day, especially in Monaco. Just like he made life difficult for himself in his first season in 2007.

Hamilton said, as reported by the Daily Express“It’s hard to say who was the strongest competitor because every time you’re up against someone you’re in a different place in your life. I remember being alongside Fernando when I I was 22. I was so young mentally.

“There was pressure against a big guy like him. And in terms of pure pace, I would say Fernando (he was the best). We had good battles. I wish we had more. »

Well, Fernando does not deprive him of battles. Since joining Formula 1 again with Alpine, he has proven to be a solid force against the 37-year-old.

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Max Verstappen not as ‘sensitive’

Lewis Hamilton is once again in the race against Ferrari. Mercedes are not in top form in 2022, having faced several porpoising issues at the start of the season. At Silverstone they saw a huge turn of events after Lewis Hamiton was up there competing against the Red Bulls and the two Ferraris.

He enjoyed a battle with Charles Leclerc and comparing it to the one he had last year explains why it is much better. The Mercedes driver said: “Charles fought a great battle. Charles is a very sensitive reader – clearly very different from what I experienced last year.

The rivalry between these two world champions will probably never end and it could return to France. Mercedes reportedly had big improvements which raised concern from Ferrari and Red Bull.

Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto said Mercedes was to be feared at Paul Ricard. Now that Lewis Hamilton and even George Russell come into play, can we see another showdown between Hamilton and Verstappen. This will surely revolve around the season.

But can Mercedes turn the page just enough to compete for a title? Or will Hamilton be important to help Ferrari and ruin Verstappen’s chances?

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