Horner’s bid for Mercedes tour raises £46,000 for Grand Prix Trust

During Sunday’s awards show at Grosvenor House in London, a silent auction took place in support of the Grand Prix Trust, a charity that offers support to the F1 community, including former drivers and employees.

Overnight it was revealed that the main bid for a visit to Mercedes’ Brackley factory had been claimed by Red Bull F1 boss Horner, who was attending on behalf of the team.

The winning bid eventually reached £4,000, sparking humor on social media as fans considered the possibility of Horner snooping around Championship rival Red Bull’s factory.

However, it has emerged that the terms and conditions of the award mean Horner may not be able to accept the tour’s offer. The fine print reads: “Please note that employees of other Formula 1 teams are not permitted to participate in this tour.”

A variety of prizes were on offer via the auction, which, together with external donations, led to a total of £46,752 being raised overnight.

Presenters Nicky Shields and Will Buxton on stage with Christian Horner

Photo by: Motorsport footage

Red Bull and Mercedes have fought a fierce battle throughout the 2021 season which has seen both championships qualify for the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Horner and his Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff enjoyed an icy relationship amid their title fight. Towards the end of the season, Horner claimed there was “no relationship” between them as rival team leaders.

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During his stay at Motorsport Awards Horner watched Red Bull win the International Race Car of the Year award on Sunday night for the RB16B that Max Verstappen rode to success in the Drivers’ Championship.

Horner also picked up a trophy in Verstappen’s name for International Race Driver of the Year and honored his performances through 2021.

“It was like a Bahrain heavyweight boxing match, from the first race to the last race in Abu Dhabi,” said Horner.

“Max has led more laps than all the other drivers combined, won more races than any other driver last year and fully deserves everything he has achieved.”

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