How to bet every race at the NFL rewards before the last week of the 2021 season

We’ve finally arrived at the final week of this eventful NFL season, which has taught us that no team is good and everything is within reach. This includes end of season rewards, some of which are as unpredictable now as they were before the campaign began.

We offer you the odds and the best value for money for each of the best prices still on the market, starting with the biggest price of all …

Most Valuable Player

Aaron Rodgers -400
Tom brady +500
Joe terrier +1000
Jonathan taylor +1600
Cooper Kupp +2000
Josh allen +5000
Patrick muhammad +5000
Kyler murray +8000
Matthew Stafford +10000
Dak prescott +10000
Justin herbert +10000
Derek carr +25000
Ryan tannehill +25000
Jalen hurts +5000

Looks like this award was decided in the public mind three weeks ago after Tom Brady’s poor performance against the Saints, despite Aaron Rodgers posting a worse stat line in their loss to New Orleans in Week 1. Still, Rodgers have grown solid over the past six weeks, throwing for 298.5 yards per game with an 18- intercept touchdown report. 0 to lead the Packers to NFC No. 1 seed.

My money is still on Brady, who has the advantage in passing yards (4,990) and touchdowns (40) and led the Buccaneers on five winning records, the second-tallest in the league. Voter fatigue is also worth considering after Rodgers won this award in 2020 with significantly better numbers than he will be releasing this season. He will probably win again, but I will try my luck with the GOAT at these odds.

Value: Brady +500

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Ja’Marr Chase -225
Mac Jones +175

It’s actually a two-man run since the early weeks of the season when Ja’Marr Chase set the league on fire with four touchdowns in his first three games for the Bengals, and Mac Jones got away with it. turned out to be the only effective rookie QB this year. announced class.

Really, it’s a one-man run, especially after Chase’s record 266-yard, 3-TD performance on Sunday – setting all-time rookie marks for receiving yards in a game. and season (1,429). It doesn’t hurt that three of Jones’ worst campaign debuts came last month in the middle of a Patriots slip.

Value: Hunt -225

Offensive player of the year

Jonathan taylor -110
Cooper Kupp -110
Aaron Rodgers +5000
Deebo Samuel +5000

A non-QB will win OPOY for the third season in a row, which only fits after the phenomenal campaigns we’ve seen from these two stars. Jonathan Taylor ran for 500 yards more than the next best fullback, and he’s been the catalyst for this burgeoning Colts team. Meanwhile, Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp is 11 catches and 135 receiving yards in the NFL records in a single season.

It will ultimately come down to the value versus the statistical CV. While both players have excelled in each, Taylor’s case is based on how he carried Indy to an 8-3 record over the past 11 weeks, while Kupp’s candidacy is strongly rooted in his quest. from the book of records. This award tends to favor those with garish (and potentially record) numbers, which should give Kupp the edge.

Value: Kupp -110

Defensive player of the year

TJ Watt +150
Micah Parsons +200
Aaron Donald +750
Robert quinn +1000
Myles Garrett +1200
Trevon diggs +1600
Nick bosa +5000
Darius Leonardo +5000
Derwin james +10000
Jalen ramsey +10000
Chris Jones +10000
Bobby wagner +10000
Kevin Byard +10000
JC Jackson +10000

It was essentially a standoff between TJ Watt and Myles Garrett – and Trevon Diggs, to a lesser extent – for much of the year until Micah Parsons appeared a month ago as the heart of the Dominant defense of the Cowboys.

Can a rookie really win DPOY? We haven’t seen him since Lawrence Taylor in 1981. Parsons has been stellar and is a lock to win Defensive Rookie of the Year, which could hurt the linebacker’s chances of sweeping the board if voters prefer to spread. the wealth. The couriers have won eight of the last 10 DPOY awards, and Watt’s elite stat line (17.5 sacks, 31 QB hits, three forced fumbles, three digs) should be enough to close the deal.

Value: Watt +150

Returning Player of the Year

Dak prescott -140
Joe terrier +110
Nick bosa +6500
Carson Wentz +10000

The NFL’s most ambiguous and unpredictable reward has gotten even crazier over the past two weeks, as Joe Burrow threw for a total of 971 yards and eight touchdowns and got into the MVP discussion. Dak Prescott has been impressive on his own, throwing seven touchdowns in the past two weeks. However, Burrow ranks ahead of Prescott in most passing stats with a week to go.

So is it the story or the statistics? While the story of Prescott’s return from a broken leg is the Platonic ideal for that price, Burrow is too hot to go here. Don’t be surprised if voters are using this as a way to express their appreciation for the Cincinnati passer without wasting an MVP vote.

Value: Terrier +110

Zac taylor +150
Matt LaFleur +175
Mike vrabel +350
Bill belichick +2000
Nick sirianni +3500
Sean McVay +4000
Kliff kingsbury +5000
Frank Reich +5000
Mike mccarthy +5000
Sean mcdermott +5000
Rich bisaccia +5000
Brandon staley +8000
Andy reid +8000
Bruce ariens +10000
Sean payton +10000
Kyle shanahan +10000

It was the award Bill Belichick lost just three weeks ago as the Patriots led a seven-game winning streak and held first in the AFC standings. Since then, New England have lost two of three games, as the Bengals soared amid a three-game winning streak to clinch their first AFC North title in six years.

Cincinnati finished last in the division for three consecutive seasons after two third-place results before that, making it a compelling case to bet on Zac Taylor. Still, I’m hesitant to play odds this short on Taylor, Matt LaFleur, or any of those coaches with equally impressive nominations, especially in a market so prone to personal bias.

Call me a jerk, but I’ll gladly take Belichick with odds of 20-1 and hope voters reward the three-time winner for arguably his best coaching job to date.

Value: Belichick +2000

C Jackson Cowart is Sportsbook Writer at theScore. You can follow him on Twitter (@CJacksonCowart) or email him at [email protected]

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