‘I would advise staying in the race’: Lando Norris fails to be chef for a day

Since 2019, Lando Norris has been a regular driver in F1. His rise in the sport has been phenomenal, and just last year he was granted a lengthy contract extension with McLaren.

However, the Briton plied his trade in another profession for a day. Norris visited the branch of Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam, where he became a chef for a day.

According to the main chef, it was not easy for the F1 superstar, who made several mistakes. While there, Norris was seen working on several dishes without knowing anything.

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Lando Norris should stick to running

At the end, Norris prepared a salmon dish which was served to one of the guests. Meanwhile, the McLaren driver watched him reach the table from a window.

At the end, his superior in the kitchen congratulated him, but with a bit of bitter advice. “You did a very good job,” the chef said. “I would advise staying in the race, to be honest,” he added.

In response, Norris asked him if he meant it. When his colleague of the day nodded, he replied, “That’s your opinion.” With that, the video ends.

Keeping Alpine at bay

Norris’ 2022 season is almost over and he will likely walk away with a P7 in the driver standings. The opponent directly above him is Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who is currently 89 points clear of him.

However, he still needs Alpine’s Esteban Ocon. The 78-year-old French racing driver is only 31 points behind him with three races to go. In all likelihood, Norris will manage to keep his job by the end of the season.

But what should worry Norris in the competition is that Alpine ends the season ahead of McLaren. The Renault-powered team is 11 points ahead of them and could snatch P4 in the standings.

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