“It will be good for Formula 1”

Former Formula 1 driver Karon Chandhoek hopes there will be more teams in Formula 1 in the near future. A few months ago, Michael Andretti submitted an application, but noted that the FIA ​​was not considering any new teams at the moment.

There are currently only twenty places in Formula 1 and a Sky Sports F1 analyst sees this as a problem with the influx of young talent. For example, Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastre is forced to sit along the line. The Australian has won every category he has competed in for the past three years. Number three in Formula 2 last season, Guanyu Zhou has his place in motorsport’s premier category. Explain the situation in sport.

“An additional team will be good for the sport”

in conversation with Motorsport.com Chandhoek recounts Andretti’s interest: “I know Michael and his father Mario [Andretti, de wereldkampioen Formule 1 van 1978] Little. No one has a greater passion for motorsport than them. “Now that Formula 1 has focused on the United States, it seems the next former driver would make sense to have another team from that country.” Also, I think it would be good for Formula 1 to have another American team,” he explains.

“He did everything he could”

The situation around Biastri therefore worries Chandhoek. “He did everything he could. He became champion in his first year in Formula 3 with flying colors and won the title in remarkable fashion in his first year in Formula 2. This boy deserves a chance in Formula 1 , but there just aren’t enough places.

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