JudoInside – News – Priscilla Gneto wins Grand Prix gold with a 10-year gap


The 2019 world junior medalist Pleuni Cornelisse (NED) managed to reach the first grand prix final of her career, where she met Priscilla Gneto (FRA), Olympic bronze medalist in London 2012. It took her 10 years after her last Grand Prix victory (in Baku) to regain gold at Grand Prix level, a huge gap.

The last final of the day was also the shortest as Gneto, not upset by her sister’s loss in the lower category final, propelled Cornelisse to the ceiling with a superb counterattack to conclude the day with a second medal in the lower category. gold for the France team. .

European Junior Champion in 2016, Pauline Starke (GER) achieved the bronze medal against her teammate Caroline Fritze (GER), bronze medalist at a continental open so far. The latter left no chance for her opponent, scoring twice with massive attacks, the first after just a few seconds for a waza-ari and the second with a massive right-handed morot-seoi-nage, this time for ippon.

Kosovo has become one of the major players in international judo, now with three Olympic champions in the country. Flaka Loxha (KOS) could represent the new generation of future great champions of Kosovo. Today she reached the competition for the bronze medal against Kaja Kajzer (SLO), already the holder of six medals at the grand prix level. After almost a minute of golden scoring, Kajzer put down a waza-ari with a shoulder movement to win the bronze medal. Flaka Loxha will still have to wait until she reaches the level of her illustrious teammates, but her time will come.

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