Lando Norris’ honest take on Verstappen vs. Hamilton title race

McLaren’s Lando Norris shares an honest outlook on Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s decisive title race in Abu Dhabi.

After qualifying for pole position, Verstappen is set to win his first F1 title. Meanwhile, Hamilton will start right behind him, aiming for his record-breaking eighth championship.

Norris, who has had an impressive season, will have the closest view of the intense battle as he sits in P3 for the Abu Dhabi GP. Like many F1 fans, Norris cannot hide his enthusiasm.

Via Formula Spy

“I think I’m in the best seat for tomorrow, so I’m very excited to see it all unfold, to see what happens. I think it’s just a real pleasure to be in that position, to see everything that has happened this season between Max and Lewis, and to watch the battles, to watch the races because I have a lot of respect for them.

The Abu Dhabi GP is expected to be one of the classic F1 races in history due to the weight of its results. The last time the sport had two championship contenders entering the final race with equal points was in 1974. Still, Norris seems to be focused on his performance but can’t help but talk about it. intense confrontation.

“Yes, I’m very happy to be P3, not only because it’s a good position to start, but because it gives me the top spot for tomorrow’s sight.”

The result of the Abu Dhabi GP has enormous significance for the sport. The question is, who will emerge victoriously? Will he be arguably the most successful driver in F1 history? Or, an emerging young star trying to paint her legacy?

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