Leclerc plans number change after Raikkonen leaves

Charles Leclerc has always driven with the number 16, but he plans to change his number before the start of the new Formula 1 season, reports Automatic sprint.

The number Leclerc always wanted to drive with was 7, as he had used it throughout his career. In Formula 1, he had to choose a different number, because Kimi Raikkonen had already chosen that number. Now that the Finn is no longer racing in Formula 1, the Ferrari driver can again wonder if he wants to change his number.

In addition to the number 7, the driver would have liked to ride with the number 10, but Pierre Gasly was already using it. “I ended up using the number 16 because one plus six equals seven and I was born on October 16. Not really an interesting story,” the 24-year-old driver reported earlier in the year to A Formula 1 YouTube video In which the drivers explained why they drove with the number they chose.


The former Sauber driver may be ready to change it, but according to the regulations, a change is not easy: “These numbers must then be used by this driver in each event of the Formula 1 World Championship in which he participates throughout his career in Formula 1.” So it seems that Leclerc is out of luck and will have to keep number 16.

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