Lewis Hamilton enjoys a break from Formula 1 in beautiful Rwanda two weeks before the Belgian Grand Prix

Meet the GOAT! Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is enjoying a break from F1 in beautiful Rwanda… just two weeks from the crucial Belgian Grand Prix as he chases rival Max Verstappen

  • Lewis Hamilton, 37, enjoys a relaxing trip to Rwanda during F1 summer vacation
  • The seven-time world champion is currently sixth in the drivers’ championship
  • Hamilton came second behind Max Verstappen at the recent Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Formula 1 should return at the end of August with the Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton had a great time during the F1 summer break as he spent some of his time away from the track in the African country of Rwanda.

The 37-year-old posted photos of himself on Twitter exploring all the country has to offer, including making a ‘new best friend’ in a goat he can be seen holding in one of the photos .

He said of the country: “Rwanda is really so beautiful. Thank you for receiving us. I can not wait to return.

Lewis Hamilton made a ‘new best friend’ in this goat during a recent break in Rwanda

Hamilton called Rwanda a

Hamilton called Rwanda a ‘beautiful’ country and wants to return there in the future

Hamilton has struggled to repeat the same success he has already had on the track so far this season as he currently sits sixth in the Drivers’ Championship on 146 points, 112 behind leader and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

His team, Mercedes, is currently third in the constructors’ championship behind Ferrari and first Red Bull.

So far this season there have been 13 races in 20 weeks before the start of the summer break after the Hungarian Grand Prix in which Hamilton finished in second place behind Verstappen.

F1 teams are set to return to the track later this month as they meet for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps from August 26-28.

Max Verstappen (pictured) won the Hungarian Grand Pix with Hamilton second

Max Verstappen (pictured) won the Hungarian Grand Pix with Hamilton second

Hamilton is sixth in the Drivers' Championship ahead of the crucial Belgian Grand Prix

Hamilton is sixth in the Drivers’ Championship ahead of the crucial Belgian Grand Prix

Hamilton, who may be starting to consider retirement, recently admitted he will remain interested in the sport and doesn’t want to be a retired driver who hunts down riders.

He told Viaplay: “I will always be plugged into this sport, I will always be watching.”

‘I always want to be someone who is positive towards the drivers that are here, good or bad, because you know how hard it is to start, and how bad it can be and how the days can be good and how people can be negative about you.

“I never want to be one of those riders who does that, because we’ve been through it.”


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