Lewis Hamilton | Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton refuses to retire from F1

This year, seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton managed to secure just one podium finish after finishing 8th in France. But, while he hasn’t regained his previous form and consistency, he is not ready to retire after or during this season. Due to a series of low points, after seven races he only won 6th place and only 50 points. On the other hand, George Russell, his teammate, took fourth position.

According to Martin Brundle, Lewis Hamilton was uncomfortable racing this season and he was ready to quit racing after the Spanish Grand Prix. However, the British driver said he started to lose control and sanity after struggling a lot at the Monaco Grand Prix. But all this does not imply that he is ready to retire. When asked the same question, he simply replied that there was no reason to stop running. Even though he may not win the title, he is very happy to compete with others and drive the car. This gives him immense joy, just like the first day of racing. The day of retirement will surely come when he can no longer drive and be happy, but that time has not yet arrived, said Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has already asked this super and experienced driver to come back stronger than even after fixing all the car’s drivability issues. At the same time, Lewis Hamilton and his team are preparing to participate in the British Grand Prix which will take place in July.

That’s why he works every day to better prepare and put up a tough fight at Silverstone. Everyone in the factory is working very hard to make the car better and more advanced than ever.

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