London will host a Formula 1-themed experience

It’ll be lights out and we’ll set off with the Formula One Arcade experience to take pole position at St Paul’s, London.

This state-of-the-art driving sim will deliver 60 in-motion Formula 1 simulations and will give F1 fans a fix or high octane motorsport.

Racers will enjoy a realistic Formula 1 experience in the simulator as if you are on track.

There will be two choices of individual or team racing and will be available to all target markets.

F1 Arcade also plans to hold racing experiences on Grand Prix weekends.

The game experience is produced by Motorsport Games and created in partnership with Kindred Concepts.

F1 Arcade will first be held in St. Paul’s before being the first of the ambitious rollout planned for F1 Arcade, expanding to venues across Britain before moving from the US to America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Commenting on the debut of F1 Arcade, Brandon Snow, Chief Commercial Officer of Formula 1, said: “We are very excited to introduce F1 Arcade, an all new premium entertainment venue for everyone to enjoy.

“F1 Arcade is an ambitious project that will bring people even closer to the Formula 1 experience by offering guests the chance to get behind the wheel of bespoke racing simulators in a stylish setting with a welcome offer High quality.

“Kindred Concepts and Formula 1 have worked tirelessly to ensure that F1 Arcade will provide everyone who visits, fans and non-fans alike and regardless of age or ability, an incredible premium experience.”

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