Max Kühner: “We get the impression that Eic has infinite reach and good piloting skills.


This week, the Rolex Grand Slam lands in Canada’s equestrian Walhalla, Spruce Meadows. Austrian show jumping rider Max Kühner also takes the start live. Kühner has only one goal, to win the Grand Prix by claiming his extra bonus!

What have you been up to since winning the Rolex Grand Prix at the Dutch Masters in April?

In general, I’m fine, considering that we had a lot of shows, which followed the various blockages. After Den Bosch, Elektric Blue had their next show in Madrid, where they won the Global Champions League tag team competition. After that he went to Knokke Hippique, where he finished third in the Rolex Grand Prix. In Monaco, I rode one of my young horses called Eic Coriolis des Isles, and he came second in the Grand Prix. Finally, Elektric Blue finished fourth in the Valkenswaard Grand Prix, which was a chance to prepare him for the European Championships, and now his next stop will be CHIO Aachen. We love and appreciate what we do, so as long as things are going well, it’s less about work and more about passion.

You are the competitor of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping Live – what is your strategy for the CSIO Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’?

I will be taking Eic Coriolis des Isles with me to Spruce Meadows, who is a nine year old French stallion, who I mentioned was second in the Monaco Grand Prix in July. I’ve had him since he was seven, so I’ve known him for quite a while. He’s never been to a Grand Prix like the one at Spruce Meadows, so it will be interesting to see how much he enjoys the incredible show arena. I think I’ll give him two lessons before the Grand Prix, just to get him used to the whole situation, so I hope he will be well prepared.

Eic Coriolis des Isles behaves well outdoors. He has an exceptional character and is incredibly courageous. He has a lot of possibilities in his body, so jumping is very easy for him – it feels like he has endless range and good piloting skills. True, he doesn’t have a great deal of experience, and it usually takes him a day or two to discover a new place. He has a really big stride and he’s not scary or shy with anything so I guess he’ll like Spruce Meadows.

This year the shows were scheduled very close to each other, which is why I decided to take Elektric Blue P to CHIO Aachen, as it comes right after CSIO Spruce Meadows. We are extremely happy to have a horse capable of winning a single Grand Prix in the Rolex Grand Slam series. If we want to win more than one we’ll usually pick just one horse, but I think it’s too much to jump the same horse week after week, especially going those long distances.

What other horses will you be taking to Spruce Meadows, and which of your young horses are you really passionate about?

As the second horse, I will bring Vancouver Dreams to Spruce Meadows, which I have known for over five years since she was five. She is a very careful horse with a great stride, who loves big arenas, and she is also very fast, so hopefully we can win something with her. Eic Coriolis des Isles is still young, so he is one of the top hopes. We also have Eic Cooley Jump The Q, an Irish horse that I have high hopes for. He is only eight years old and we are gradually introducing him to the most important classes, and we could bring him to CHIO Aachen. There are other young horses, who have high hopes, like Eic Ambiance Du Seigneur, who is only seven years old, but who is an outstanding jumper. Then there is an eight year old mare called Neugschwents Concordia, who is a very careful horse and probably needs a little more time. All in all we have some very nice young horses in development for the future.

source: Rolex Grand Slam

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