Mazepin has “no real reason to be upset” by latest clash


The working relationship between Haas F1 Team drivers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin returned to the forefront after the restart of Q1 at the Mexico City Grand Prix.

With Mazepin entering the track behind his teammate Schumacher, Mazepin asked race engineer Dominic Haines to overtake Schumacher on the track.

“Okay, I have to pass Mick, because he’s going too slow.” Mazepin commented on the radio. “Negative. Stay behind, stay behind, please,” Haines said in response – to which Mazepin replied, “Are you laughing?”

Chief racing engineer Ayao Komatsu intervened: “I’m not kidding, Nikita,” he told Mazepin. “If you want to make a space now, make a space now. “

The drivers and Haas team manager Guenther Steiner were questioned about the incident after qualifying.

“On our side, everything went as usual and as planned,” said Schumacher. “Obviously the Williams were there, but they were doing a quicker lap than expected. We just did our normal lap, really.

When asked if he understood Mazepin’s frustration, Schumacher said: “I think the team gave clear instructions and I think those instructions were withheld from both sides on my side.

“So I think there’s no real reason to be upset in any way.”

The couple had been involved in a similar incident two weeks earlier during qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort.

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“It’s kind of an ongoing topic,” Mazepin said. “The last time we had this was at Zandvoort, where it was said that there was a circumstance that could override the rule, which the other side of the team decided to use at this And at that point, I felt it messed up my qualifications.

“So I felt like today, in a rushed affair like it was, one of my teammates had a free space in front and wasn’t going as fast as he could have, so I thought maybe that was what he needed for the tires. .

“I needed to go faster to get my tires in and I tried to take the lead but got a ‘no’. I respect the orders that the team gives me and I stayed behind so it doesn’t matter, it just seems like the rules are different from side to side of the team.

Steiner said Mazepin found himself in a better position to start his lap. “There was no traffic on his lap and his tires had come back to temperature anyway,” he explained.

“So I think in the end he asked the question, but they don’t see what’s ahead, because he can maybe get past Mick and then he’s stuck again, you know?” So why would we do it?

“Because the risk is always that they will race each other again, like we did in Zandvoort. So we stopped him before he moved on to that one.

Schumacher and Mazepin will start 14th and 15th respectively in Sunday’s race. This is the 16th time that Schumacher has surpassed Mazepin this season as both drivers have established representative lap times.

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