Mazepin is “curious” to race at F1 Mexico GP 2021


Haas rider Nikita Mazepin is looking forward to his first Mexican GP weekend at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit. Speaking in the team’s previews, the Russian pilot admitted to feeling “curious” about running on the high-altitude track.

Rookie pilot Haas, who will be piloting in low-density air for the first time, believes the new track will pose its own challenges like any other. The Russian rider looks forward to the vibrant atmosphere of the fans and the unique track conditions of the Mexican GP.

Nikita Mazepin driving the Haas F1 car.  (Photo by Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images)
Nikita Mazepin driving the Haas F1 car. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images)

Mazepin is looking forward to his first Mexican GP race

Speaking ahead of the Mexican GP weekend, Mazepin said:

“First of all, less oxygen means it is difficult for drivers to drive and perform at a high heart rate, so physically it’s going to be a challenge but not only that, the air is thinner so it there will be less downforce on the car. “

Describing the feeling of driving his first Mexican GP, ​​he said,

“Unfortunately we don’t have too much downforce left but we’ll do our best and I’m very curious to race on a new track and see what it does.”

Understanding the challenges of high altitude conditions, Mazepin said,

” It’s hard to say. There are a lot of factors that contribute to feeling comfortable on a new track. Normally I don’t hate low downforce tracks like Monza and Baku, I felt pretty comfortable, but there are a lot more challenges in Mexico.

Looking forward to the Mexican GP weekend, he added,

“Since I have never been there, I can’t wait to take on the challenge and I am open-minded to what the weekend could bring.”

Being a non-local driver, Mazepin played down the pressure on the weekends by saying:

“Since I’m not from there it doesn’t really put any pressure on me but it’s nice to see people enjoying the event you’re attending.”

The Russian driver celebrated the return of fans to the races and felt the experiences were better than watching a race on TV. Describing a recent visit to Mexico, Mazepin said:

“The locals are very welcoming – I was there two weeks ago. So I got to feel a little bit about the atmosphere and the passion of the people, how much they love Formula 1, so I can’t wait to go full speed ahead.

Overall, the Russian driver Haas was looking forward to the Mexican GP weekend, forgoing his experience and driving through the vibrant atmosphere surrounded by full grandstands.

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