Meet the 22-year-old on a roller coaster trip to his dream job in Formula 1


A 22-year-old who left school with two GCSEs and dropped out of college had a blitz in his quest for a job in Formula 1.

Liam Leyland, of Haresfinch, made the courageous decision to move to Milton Keynes at just 18 to work in the motorsport industry.

Explaining that “education was not for me,” the 22-year-old left De La Salle High School with only two GCSEs and then dropped out of an engineering course at St Helens College.

With a long-standing interest in cars nurtured by his uncle who works in the industry, Liam embarked on a 158-mile one-way trip to Milton Keynes once an opportunity presented itself at Prodrive. – an engineering company that designs and manufactures vehicles in the automotive, motorsport, aerospace and marine sectors.

Liam has previously worked for a number of companies in the motorsport industry.

After training as a mower fitter and working assembling structural and carbon fiber components of Formula 1 racing cars, Liam traveled to work at seven different locations over four years, including a stint in Czech Republic.

Frequently working on freelance contracts, he worked for mega-companies such as McClaren, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, before moving to his current role at Red Bull Racing.

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the former De La Salle student, who initially struggled after moving so far from home at such a young age.

Over the years that have passed, Liam said he has now truly grown and “blossomed” into what he felt like his “dream job”.

Liam said: “It was sometimes hard to get away on my own. But at that time I stuck a printed Formula 1 photo on my wall to remind myself that this is what I really want, to follow. my dream job.

He added: “As I have worked in the industry, I have worked with some of the best people. I just take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and I couldn’t ask for better people.”

St Helens Star: Liam in De La Salle's time pictured with expensive sports carLiam at the time of De La Salle pictured with an expensive sports car

With the motorsport industry mainly based in the south of the country, Liam’s story is all the more remarkable as he explains – to his knowledge – that he is the only person in his field to hail from the north in his age, describing himself as “the youngest working person by around eight”.

Although he truly missed his family, friends and the “good people” in St Helens, Liam is determined to achieve his ultimate goal of working alongside the Formula 1 racing team.

With encouraging comments from his colleagues telling him he can make it to the top, it surely won’t be long before the young racing fan travels the world in one of the fastest and most lucrative industries in the world. .

St Helens Star: Working as a mower fitter, Liam pursues his dream of working at the pits for the Formula 1 racing teamWorking as a cut fitter, Liam pursues his dream of working in the pits for the Formula 1 racing team

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