Mercury Racing supports the Formula 1 Powerboat Championship Series

When the Formula One Powerboat Championship Series opens this weekend in Port Neches, Texas, it will have mercury race as the main funder. The Fond du Lac, Wis.-based, high-performance marine engine and accessory company has signed a two-year deal with the series as the “Official Engine and Drive Premier Sponsor” in support of its APX four-stroke outboard engine, which from this season is approved for the Formula 1 tunnel boat ranks.

With its APX 200 four-stroke outboard engine targeted for tunnel boat traverses this season, Mercury Racing has signed on as title sponsor of the Formula One Powerboat Championship Series. Photo courtesy/copyright Mercury Racing.

The news was announced today in a press release from Mercury Racing.

“Mercury Racing is delighted to partner with the Formula One Powerboat Championship Series,” Stuart Halley, the company’s chief executive, said in the statement. “Our support for North America’s premier in-shore circuit racing series reflects a renewed interest in outboard circuit racing powered by Mercury Racing Apex Series competition outboard engines. Mercury Racing also appreciates that Formula 1 and the motorboat racing community are embracing a transition to more durable and modern engines.

As part of its sponsorship package, Mercury Racing will have a two-seater tunnel boat powered by an APX 360 outboard – standard engine competitors on the F1 H2O International Tunnel Boat Circuit – at all five races. of the Formula 1 series. It will be available for VIP and media demonstration rides.

Each event will feature multiple boat classes in addition to Formula 1’s top tunnel boat class, according to the statement. Several top teams are expected to race the 200 APX outboard, which produces over 200hp. The 3.4-liter V6 engine is also said to produce significantly lower emissions – about 90% less – than the two-stroke Mercury Racing 200 XS outboard engine currently used in the tunnel boat classes.

Although still used in tunnel boat competition, the 200 XS outboard is no longer in production.

Tim Seebold, Managing Director of the Formula One Powerboat Championship Series, said: “Mercury Racing outboard engines have powered the top classes of the Formula One series, and we salute their renewed commitment to outboard racing with this sponsorship. and the development of the APX series, a new generation of competition outboard motors.

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