Miami winks at Indy and Nasser and wants third U.S. F1 race


The Miami Circuit, which makes its F1 debut next season, is playing with the possibility of already hosting other segments of motorsport in the United States, at a point scheduled for May 8. Tom Garfinkel, general manager of the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium football team, was the one who led the way, while admitting the difficulty of keeping up with India and Nazareth.

The stadium hosts the city’s professional football and other sporting events.

“I think it’s possible, but the short time for the show will be a challenge,” he told US magazine Razor. “Before the race we have the Miami Open tennis tournament at the end of March and during the football season every year.

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With Miami entering the calendar, the United States will host two races per year. The other is in US orbit in Austin, which has not happened since 2019 due to the government-19 outbreak. For Corfing, two levels in the country are not the limit. Executives say the high number of races in the country will help build a fan base.

“We haven’t talked to Circuit of America yet, but we can do more races, we’ll gain more fans. It’s good for everyone. If possible I would like to see a third race in the US in the future. If you are a motorsport and F1 fan, the more races there are in the United States, the better, ”he concluded.

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