Mick Schumacher’s poignant nod to his father Michael during the late Belgian Grand Prix rain


There was little chance Mick Schumacher would honor his father Michael’s legacy on the track on Sunday, but he found a way to follow in his footsteps.

The Belgian Grand Prix was severely delayed due to torrential rain, eventually starting more than three hours late with only two laps possible with the safety car.

This meant the drivers had a lot of work to do, and fellow Germans Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel found the perfect way to pass the time.

Schumacher, 22, and Vettel, 34, were filmed playing soccer with each other, taking turns to hone their skills and close control.

Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel play football during late Sunday rain in poignant nod to what dad Michael used to do

This was exactly the exercise that Schumacher senior did whenever he encountered a delay in races.

Indeed, the seven-time world champion was far from being a sportsman. He loved football and in 2013 got the chance to show off his skills at Michael Ballack’s farewell match – where he played for Ballack and Friends against a World XI.

He was the only man on the pitch who hadn’t played at a professional level, and yet more than kept his in esteemed company.

And the 52-year-old has already hosted the 2006 World Cup draw alongside Brazilian legend Pelé.

It’s fair to say that pilot Haas Mick’s soccer skills didn’t seem as sharp as his father’s, frequently using the wall, but he and Vettel clearly enjoyed their few minutes of slight relief.

The race was delayed by more than three hours as heavy rains fell, leaving the drivers plenty of time to complete
The race was delayed by more than three hours as heavy rains fell, leaving the drivers plenty of time to complete

The pair qualified respectively fifth (Vettel) and 16th, positions which then stood when no competitive race was possible, with half points awarded to those in the top 10.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was declared the winner of the race, while George Russell was awarded for an excellent performance in qualifying in a modest Williams car by placing second. Lewis Hamilton finished third, with the Mercedes driver seeing his championship lead reduced to just three points behind Verstappen.

And it’s Hamilton who has since led the calls for reimbursement from spectators after having to wait hours in the rain, only to see a few minutes of action.

His words were then echoed by Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who said he hoped the FIA ​​would consider a double program at Spa in the future to fix Sunday’s ridiculous scenes.

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