New Lewis Hamilton development emerges in Bahrain

Before the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season, Lewis Hamilton announced plans to change his name to incorporate his mother’s maiden name.

In front of a crowd at Expo Dubai 2022, the week before the start of the 2022 Formula One season at the Bahrain International Circuit last Sunday, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton announced that he planned to add the name of her mother’s maiden in her name.

He’s set to officially make the change at some point in the near future, though he didn’t say when, exactly, that will happen.

His mother’s name is Carmen Larbalestier. She and her father, Anthony Hamilton, separated when he was young. Since then, both have remarried, and Carmen has taken the name of Lockhart, the surname of her second husband.

Here’s what Hamilton had to say about his decision to add the name Larbalestier to his name, noting that he doesn’t quite understand why a woman’s name is usually dropped in a marriage.

“It would mean the world to my family [to win an eighth world championship]. It would mean a lot to me to know that, for example, I’m really proud of my family name, Hamilton. None of you may know that my mother’s name is Larbalestier, and I’m about to put that in my name. I don’t fully understand the idea that when people get married the wife loses her name, and I really want my mother’s name to continue with the Hamilton name.

Hamilton has not confirmed how, exactly, he plans to incorporate Larbalestier’s name into his own, although the most likely option appears to be Lewis Hamilton-Larbalestier.

But while Hamilton still plans to change that name, it was revealed during Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix broadcast by broadcast team Sky Sports F1 that one thing won’t change.

He still plans to race as Lewis Hamilton, as he has done throughout his career.

Hamilton is making his second attempt to become Formula 1’s first eight-time world champion this year after just missing out last year. The sport’s most successful driver is in his 16th season overall and his 10th with Mercedes.

The 103-time race winner finished in third place in the season opener, and his 183rd career podium was something of a surprise. It had looked like he would finish fifth before both Red Bulls retired late and were forced out of second and fourth.

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