New technology New zeal; Drivers now have an artificial trainer

Formula 1 news: F1 drivers understand the importance of their pre-race routines. This is how they present themselves in their best form for the fights to come. Some choose to shut themselves off for a while to get rid of all distractions and anxieties.

And some exercises to increase their heart rate and refine their reflexes. For example, Pierre Gasly is often seen doing a reaction test with his trainer. It throws tennis balls that the AlphaTauri pilot must grab.

However, played inside pilots’ private spaces is a new and increasingly famous game. You would have spotted it on Netflix, in ‘Drive to Survive’. And, on some social media posts too. It is a flashing light fitness technology known as the Blazepod system. It contains responsive flashing lights and a connected phone app.

Top players, including defending champion Max Verstappen, have used it to hone every corner of their brains. Not just from Formula 1, it has been adopted by several sports stars. Composed of athletes from football, NFL, tennis, F1, MotoGP and NBA. They use it as a way to stimulate the mind. This helps prepare players for action.

Formula 1 news: New Tech New Zeal; Drivers now have an artificial trainer

Currently, around 300,000 professional and beginner gamers around the world use Blazepod. It includes many F1 stars.
Originally used by Alex Albon, other drivers like Red Bull’s Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly also pitched it.

Formula 1 News: Flash Reflex Tech is now the new favorite of F1 drivers as it also helps train their minds

The principle is simple for drivers. It requires a multitude of blazing light rays flashing either on a table or on a wall. And, they have to use their reflexes to tap out the flickering turn signals as fast as they can.
This Flash Reflex training system allows runners to achieve the best “priming” possible. It is a procedure of exposing one’s body to a particular stimulus. This impacts them favorably later on.

Basically, the Blazepods help them develop their reflexes. So when they use it before getting in the car, their responses, both cognitively and physically, instantly increase right off the bat. They don’t need to wait a few laps to get back to their best shape. It is so popular because they are portable, user friendly and customizable. They can be customized according to the player’s preferences. And, they are cheap and readily available.

Above all, Blazepod founder Yaniv Schneiderman said the tool was also “fun”. Professionals love it. It’s something nice with tough workouts. In fact, it has no official partnership with F1 nor for promotional purposes. The drivers use them alone.

Simon Jacobs, head of education and professional development at BlazePod, issued a statement. He said drivers have embraced it because it challenges their minds and activates the nervous system. It prepares the body to be faster in running. There was a much more valuable aspect behind this seemingly funny thing.

There is accurate data it can provide drivers about their progress and work. They collect statistics and can mark even the smallest detail of their performance over time. The right understanding of the data can be very beneficial to athletes for their progress.

Formula 1 news: New Tech New Zeal;  Drivers now have an artificial trainer
Formula 1 news: New Tech New Zeal; Drivers now have an artificial trainer

Blazepod is a brand new start-up. It was founded in 2017. But Jacobs believes there are huge opportunities to improve its services and provide even more benefits to drivers and other gamers.

Jacobs said players using them for seeding were “awesome”. But they can also have other uses, such as for strength and conditioning training. Or, for their rehabilitation. And, for decision-making skills and other efficiencies crucial to the sport in question. It was like picking up the tool and adjusting it to achieve a sport-specific goal. It should be like using the same flashlight for the same purpose – faster reacting players.

He made a point about F1 saying that unlike most other sports where there is an involvement of retrograde thinking, Formula 1 is very accepting of modern technologies and opportunities for clear advantages and a better thrust. And that makes it “exciting”.

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