Nico Rosberg provides update on his relationship with Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1: Former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has revealed his relationship with seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has ‘back to neutral’ several years after their fierce battle on course for the F1 title. Follow Formula 1 and French GP updates live with InsideSport.IN

According to Rosberg, their relationship fell apart as soon as Mercedes provided them with a car that could challenge for the title. “It happened immediately when we were fighting for the world championship. Not before. But it’s always the case: when you fight for success in every race and for titles, it doesn’t work anymore. said Rosberg.

Rosberg was asked if there was a specific trigger or occasion that caused inconvenience. “No, it accumulated from race to race. If you want to decide the world championship for yourself, you can’t play “peace, joy, pancake”. You must test the limits and enter the gray areas to win. Especially when two drivers are at such a high level, and then it often gets tight. Rosberg added.

Meanwhile, Rosberg and Hamilton became mates as they grew up in karting together, before moving on to F1 and sharing the podium for the first time since 2008.

Formula 1: Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the time of karting.

In 2013, their motor racing professions came together again when they collaborated at Mercedes. But soon things went from good to worse as Mercedes made a car that was the fastest overall.

As Mercedes gained a sudden advantage over their F1 rivals as part of the 2014 guidelines reset, Rosberg and Hamilton found themselves in their own battle up front.

One of the flashpoints of 2016 was a dramatic crash at the Spanish Grand Prix, knocking both drivers out of the race. Rosberg clarified things six years after the crash, saying: ” I regret nothing. It was a sensational moment and a mega fight. I’m very proud of it. In the meantime, we returned to [a] neutral [relationship]the good thing is.

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