Nikki Fried won’t back down in the home stretch of the governor’s race

She’s “not backing down”, according to a new ad playing on a TV screen near you with the close of primary day next week.

Nikki Fried The primary campaign for governor needs good fortune, the polls seem to indicatebut she will have At Tom Petty’s iconic earworm, “I won’t back down,” to make his case, playing behind a parade of women pushing forward.

This is part of his campaign closing statement. The “Shoulders” ad went viral when it first aired a few days after the Decision of the Dobbs organization v. Jackson Women’s Health. The ruling overturned the nearly 50-year-old court precedent that established the right to abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and, according to critics of the ruling, pushes women’s rights back to 1973.

The original ad was cut by 6 seconds for a new buy as his contest for the Democratic nomination against charlie christ downward winds. It will air statewide, Fried’s campaign announced Monday.

Fried’s campaign appears to be trying to build on the momentum that propelled primary turnout in Kansas on Aug. 2 to a new record, as voters there rejected a measure that would have severely restricted access to the ‘abortion.

The release announcing the new pre-primary ad buy highlights some of Crist’s puzzling claims about whether he supports abortion rights.

“This primary is about choice,” the statement said. “Do Democrats want to nominate a pro-choice candidate or a flip-flop Republican governor who still describes himself as “pro-life”? »

The version has a link to a cut press interview, it therefore appears that Crist is saying he is “pro-life”, which has been interpreted to mean that one is against abortion rights. But his campaign has repeatedly said he supports women’s abortion rights.

The Fried campaign did not respond to a question about how much of an ad buy the campaign will make. But the release accompanying the new ad cut dismisses Crist’s negative ads.

“This ad is in stark contrast to the negativity of Charlie Crist, who has already spent over $1 million to (run) at least 1,674 negative ads against the only Democrat to win statewide since 2012,” says the press release.

But the Crist campaign said it was the Fried campaign that was negative, spending more than $1 million on negative direct mail and ads. And the number of negative TV ads aired is close: 1,300 negative ads, a spokeswoman said.

“It would be a political mistake to allow the false attacks by Fried’s camp to go unchallenged,” he said. Sam Ramirez with the Crist campaign. “We have responded aggressively to set the record straight and educate voters about Fried’s troubling actions and associations.”

Fried’s campaign asks people to send money to buy more airtime for the ad. On Twitter, he drew raves from all over, including Esther Panitcha Democratic candidate for Georgia Statehouse.

I’ve watched this ad dozens of times over the past month and still get chills,” Panitch tweeted. “GO NIKKI!!!! »

Unlike many politicians who use a popular song to play in the background of commercials and appearances, Fried won’t face copyright issues for using the song, as she was given permission. to use the publicity – and an endorsement – of Petty’s ex-wife, Jane Benyo Petty.

Voters must decide on August 23 who will get the Democratic nomination to face the governor. Ron DeSantis in the general elections in November.

“Make History Tomorrow,” says the ad’s final purple, white and gold frame.

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