Parts of the Grand Prix track will remain in place until May after city council approval • Long Beach Post News


Approximately 1,000 concrete tracks will remain in place on Shoreline Drive, Seaside Way and in the Elephant Lot, the parking lot next to the Long Beach Arena, with the 2022 race setup window in a few months.

Race organizers said leaving about half of the 2,400 concrete blocks put in place for the race last month would save them about three days of setup time and about $ 89,000, some of which will be used. to resurface city streets disfigured by running activity.

Jim Michaelian, president and CEO of the Long Beach Grand Prix Association, said last week that it typically takes around 53 days to set up the track and three weeks to take everything down. Crews are starting to prepare for this year’s race in early August.

The association had initially asked the city to leave more than concrete blocks, but its request was reduced to less than half of the concrete blocks in place for the race weekend of September 25.

City Manager Tom Modica said the location of the blocks, which will be east of Avenue des Pins, should not interfere with The Pike or Aquarium of the Pacific’s business.

The 2021 race was pushed back to the end of September, as race organizers hoped to host the race at a time of year when large crowds were allowed to congregate with limited restrictions. The race traditionally takes place in April, but Los Angeles County barely entered the “orange” level of the state’s plan to reopen in April, which still prohibited crowds at sporting events.

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