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Professional credit without contribution

Obtaining a professional loan without having to make a contribution is not necessarily obvious, there are, however, solutions from organizations specializing in corporate finance.

Companies regularly need to use professional loans to finance cash, launch a business, investments, or simply the acquisition of machine tools. The only problem is that banks are sometimes demanding on loan conditions; they require having a minimum of seniority, ie presenting at least two balance sheets and then taking stock with the manager on the needs of financing, sometimes with the need to provide credit. 


Professional loan and loan: how does it work?

Professional loan

The contribution is by no means an obligation, but it is a frequent requirement among banks, just like the surety which can be moral or physical.

Providing a contribution when the company is in the development or investment phase is simply not possible, the cash flow is intended to run the business and therefore the company finds itself in a dead-end. The idea is, therefore, to call on organizations accepting to lend to companies without contribution, as part of their professional loan.


Obtaining a professional loan more easily

professional loan

Regardless of the nature of the loan that will be granted, you must present a concrete file to the banks to obtain a professional loan. As the contribution cannot be highlighted, the company will have to rely on its activity and in particular on its management and steering capacity. The manager has to show his feet in his balance sheets and the banks will systematically base themselves on the gross operating surplus (EBITDA) which is a very good indicator of the health of the company. Drop inactivity, a seasonality, an urgent need for cash are frequent reasons for resorting to a professional loan without contribution, the banks have understood this.

In terms of credit, it will be a consumer loan, a loan allocated to a specific need, it is often this type of loan preferred for the purchase of machine, materials, or for example a car. There is also the personal loan, which is a loan granted without proof of use, it is, in particular, this loan which is granted to finance cash or an urgent need for liquidity. The rates can vary according to the credit organizations, just like the conditions, it is for this reason that it is advised to have recourse to a simulation of professional loan online.


Simulate your professional credit online

Simulate your professional credit online

Obtaining credit can be done directly online, the advantage of being able to quickly apply for a professional loan without having to make any contributions and to obtain several proposals. The comparison makes it possible above all to probe the financial establishments present on the market and to solicit those accepting the financing without contribution. EURL, SAS, SARL, or even liberal profession, the simulator is intended for all types of businesses and for all types of needs. Note that the simulation is offered free of charge and without any commitment constraints.