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Quinté+ Monday at Chantilly with a Paralympic Class 2 split event (Ref +21.5 +22), over 3000m, for all horses aged 4 and over run since October 4, 2021 inclusive. The terrain was declared very soft (3.8) by France Galop. 3 years of quality, lady goya (Our photo) A serious contender for victory.

3 Goya Lady : 2nd in a Quinté+ on March 14 over 2,700 m psf at Chantilly, this 6-year-old was trained by Ian Barberot He has proven his form. A good finishing touch and longer distance should benefit him. It’s a potential winner.

2 Belgian prince : the third in a Quinté+ on 28 October at ParisLongchamp, at 2,800 m, and the second on 1 February at Cagnes, at 2,500 m on soft ground, his luck was clearly visible in this event. His form is certain as evidenced by his recent second place on March 10 during a race in Class 3 conditions in Saint-Cloud, at 3100 meters.

14 The poet’s question : On March 10 for his comeback, over 3100m at Saint-Cloud, this 6-year-old trotter took fourth place close to belgian prince. At 34.5 of the value in this handicap, it’s a good theoretical chance.

1 p.m. : After having shone a few times last winter, notably at Chantilly and Burnett-la-Baule, this 7-year-old slicker finished eighth in Quinté+ on 14 March, but finished with joy. 3100 meters will serve it. He’s a good underdog.

1 spell : Last year, it took fourth and fifth places in a Quinté+, with values ​​of 41 and 40.5. This two, it is worth 38, which in theory gives him all his chances. He has two leg races this year and should be in good physical shape.

9-speed motor : Given his sixth place in a Quinté+ on 28 October at ParisLongchamp, this resident Alexandre Fracas should not be overlooked in this handicap, especially since he has proven himself many times over long courses.

6 dog : This 5-year-old enrichment is still successful in a Class 3 handicap at 2,700 m psf in Chantilly. He’s back on the grass track, but that shouldn’t be a problem for him. trained before Pascal Barry and installed by Stefan BaskerWe must not ignore his candidacy.

4 Barbados : On his last three outings, all at Cagnes-sur-Mer, he has two victories and a second place. In great shape and better than ever, he’s a potential killer.

If it does not start : 7 no moon

Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University PMU customers – Take part in this race

Choose Nicolas Laboras

3 lady goya
2 belgian prince
regular opportunities
14 The poet’s question
13 go at night
1 spelling
9 Motor speed
6 dogo
4 berberine

Prognosis summary:

3 – Lady Goya

a blow to the heart
13 – Leave at night

moment of madness
4 – Barbadian

ZEturf.fr.  forecastZEturf.fr. forecast

POET’S QUEST is ready for a big performance!

Observed on March 10 during its Clodoaldian return, poet’s mission We’ll have our favorite at today’s ZE5 event with belgian princethat you have just come across in the Hauts-de-Seine, and happy Senoraon AC since the beginning of the year but the last end of the race here on the sand really did not go unnoticed. dogothe winner of the PSF on February 24 during his return to competition, Mac La Tamboycapable of doing well given his convincing display last month at Saint-Cloud, and Moonwalk خطوة stepwho sees a good eye on the possible softening of the track, is also a competition to watch closely. Barbdeneven if its weight becomes more complex, and waveringwho is still a brave boy of eight, could also have a say in the final phase, at least for the place.

Choose ZEturf.fr

number horse jockey
14 The poet’s question Gion M.
2 belgian prince Somillon C.
3 lady goya Benoit J.
6 mastiff Basker S.
11 Mac La Tambule Barzalona m.
7 no moon LEMAITRE a.
4 berberine Gorniak H.
8 calculator Milo S.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to give advice Quinté race +And the List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Courses, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number horse jockey
2 belgian prince Somillon C.
3 lady goya Benoit J.
6 dogo Basker S.
14 The poet’s question Gion M.
1 spelling Bachelot T.
8 calculator Milo S.
11 Mac La Tambule Barzalona m.
4 berberine Gorniak H.
ten simplified G moves.

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