Reluctant Gym Bunny Yuki Tsunoda Fighting Fit Ahead of Formula 1 Season

Yuki Tsunoda has been fueling up ahead of the new Formula 1 season, although Japanese driver Alpha Tauri admitted on Wednesday he “hates” working out in the gym.

The 1.59m (5ft 3in) Tsunoda is preparing for his second Formula 1 campaign, telling reporters he struggled to meet the physical demands of the sport last year.

The 21-year-old has been working overtime to build muscle in the off-season, paying particular attention to his neck muscles to cope with the power and downforce of the Formula 1 car.

He said the extra physical exertion has not come easy, but he is determined to make it count when the new season begins at the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 20.

“I hate training, but last season I felt that my weak point was my physical condition. It’s something I need for racing, so even if I hate training, I have to do it,” he said.

“I want to make a good start to the 2022 season and I want to show everyone that I have improved since last year.”

Tsunoda said he has improved physically “by about 30-40%”, and he is keen to turn that into points when the season starts.

The Japanese driver finished 14th in his debut campaign last year, with a fourth place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix his best result.

He said his season had been “ups and downs”, with several crashes preventing him from gaining momentum.

He’s looking to establish a rhythm at the start of the new campaign, but he’s not about to let that dull his aggressive driving style.

“You have to trust this company,” he said.

“It is dangerous to overestimate your abilities, but confidence is a vital tool. I want to have the confidence to handle any situation.”

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