Rizin 30 Results: Bantamweight Quarter-Finals Grand Prix Results

Rizin 30 is coming down from the Saitama Super Arena tonight. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Rizin returns to his home arena, the Saitama Super Arena, for the quarterfinals of the Bantamweight Grand Prix. Plus, we got the first Rizin women’s kickboxing fight, a major lightweight match, a K-1 fighter making his MMA debut, and more. Rizin 30 airs Sunday, September 19 at 1:30 a.m. EST on Live-Now with English commentary.

Panchan Rina vs. Momoka

Rizin 30 will feature the first ever women’s kickboxing match for the promotion. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

In what could be a surprising first, this will be Rizin’s very first female kickboxing match. Panchan Rina (18-11, 2KO) is a popular female kickboxer who is making waves in the scene. She has a cool style for the fans and brings explosiveness to her fights. “I know the fans want to see an exciting fight with big shots and exciting finishes, so I plan to deliver it all with some extra flair,” said Rina.

Momoka (20-17, 1KO) may not have had the best luck recently in competition, but she should be motivated for this game nonetheless. “All the hype revolves around my opponent but I’m here to spoil the party. I thank her for attracting all the attention, I’ll take care of it.

Koji Takeda vs. Yusuke Yachi

Yusuke Yachi is on a quest to beat all the champions of small organizations. He takes on deep lightweight champion Koji Takeda at Rizin 30. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Koji Takeda (12-1) is the current Deep lightweight champion and is on a four-game winning streak. His fight against Takasuke Kume this year was a fight candidate of the year and with a win in this game he could secure a title shot against Rizin’s lightweight champion Roberto Satoshi d’Souza. “Yachi is a whole different fighter and he’s a threat, but he’s only been a part of his new camp for less than a year. I was with the coach [Kazuyuki] Miyata my whole MMA career. The difference will be seen. “

Yusuke Yachi (22-11) managed to end his long losing streak this year with a victory over Shooto lightweight champion Yuki Kawana. He challenged all the champions of small organizations. “My opponent is tough and tough. He continues to move forward and it is difficult to push him back. I have a plan against him, so look forward to it.

Shinobu Ota vs. Yuto Kubo

Olympic wrestler versus K-1 kickboxer in what might be the most interesting game on the map. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

This is the fight where someone’s 0 has to go. Shinobu Ota (0-1) is a silver medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympics. He made his MMA debut at Rizin 26 in a loss to longtime fighter Hideo Tokoro. “It’s a fight I have to win, so I’m going to do what I trained for and win this fight as planned,” he said.

Yuto Kubo (early) is a former K-1 welterweight champion. He left his title to come to Rizin and jumped into the fray on his MMA debut. “I know my opponent is an Olympic medalist wrestler, but I am also a K-1 champion. This fight will be the fight against the K-1. He’s not used to hitting people, but I’ve been hitting people in the face for years, so that’s a big advantage.

Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Emi Fujino

Rizin atomic superweight champion Ayaka Hamasaki will face Emi Fujino in an untitled match. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

In a 9-year-old rematch in the works, atomic superweight champion Rizin Ayaka Hamasaki (22-3) faces off against a veteran MMA fighter Emi Fujino (25-11, 1NC) in an untitled match. In their first match, Hamasaki beat Fujino.

Hamasaki is a two-time Rizin atomic superweight champion. She has only one loss to Rizin and has dominated almost all of her opponents. She didn’t finish Fujino the first time they met but will no doubt try to do so this time around. “I am excited to face an opponent I faced 9 years ago. Her physical strength is exceptional for a woman.

Fujino is a former strawweight champion of Deep Jewels. A longtime fighter, she has beaten many notable fighters including Megumi Fuji, Mei Yamaguchi, and Emi Tomimatsu. “Hamasaki is the best opponent I could have asked for during these times. We won’t both back down, so I expect all-out war.

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Rizin 30 Results

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Yuki Motoya vs Kenta Takizawa – RIZIN Bantamweight Grand Prix Quarter Final
Ayaka Hamasaki (c) vs. Emi Fujino (untitled game)
Koji Takeda vs. Yasuke Yachi
Ulka Sasaki vs. Yoshinori Horie
Shinobu Ota vs. Yuta Kubo
Shoji vs. Chihiro Suzuki
Panchan Rina vs. Momoka – kickboxing fight

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